Everett Middle School 2016-2017 Innovation Awards

The Design Challenge

How might we support teachers to have regular and ongoing data driven conversations with students so they have academic/learner identities and take ownership of their school experience?

Everett Middle School will use an Innovation Award in 2016-17 to support teachers to have regular and ongoing data-driven conversations to accelerate student growth. Below is a description of the challenge they are focused on.


One of Everett Middle School’s priorities this year is to accelerate student growth after they noticed a plateau in their SBAC scores in Math and ELA. After interviewing students and families, the school realized that many students were not aware of their achievement goals or yearly progress. In addition, they also noticed that many of their students had fixed mindsets about their own intellectual capabilities. The challenge they are hoping to tackle is to create a new and different way to set goals with students, track progress, and communicate that progress to students and their families. Everett is hoping to foster academic conversations about achievement and growth with their students and families to generate an ongoing dialogue.

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