Approved add-ons

What is an add-on?

Google Marketplace logoAn add-on is a small tool that gives extra features to the main tool you're using. Add-ons are most commonly found in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. They can be very useful to simplify complex tasks or to add additional functionality to your document, deck, or spreadsheet.

When you install an add-on, it's granted access to files, information, and data in your account. Sometimes it can even receive unlimited access to all of your data, including private student data. In order to use an add-on, it has to be vetted very closely by cross-functional District experts from DoT, C&I, SpEd, Legal, and District leadership, so due to data privacy requirements, you won't be able to install any unapproved add-ons.

Please note that some add-ons are only approved for staff use. If the add-on is only for staff, you'll see a "Staff only" label next to its description.

Approved add-ons for Google Docs

  • Highlight tool (staff only): Create and edit customized highlighters to highlight selected text, and export the highlighted text to a separate document by sequence or by color.

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Approved add-ons for Google Slides

  • Pear Deck (staff only): Add Pear Deck activities into new or existing Google Slides.
  • Nearpod (staff only): Embed Nearpod activities directly into Google Slides. (see SFUSD's Nearpod resources)
  • Math Equations (staff only): Math Equations allows you to convert Latex, AsciiMath and MathML equations to an image to use inside of your slideshow. Note: This add-on isn't working at the moment; please use the Math Equations Anywhere extension in the meantime.

Approved add-ons for Google Sheets

  • Autocrat: Easily merge data from a spreadsheet into a Google doc or pdf.
  • Copy-Down: Automatically copy down formulas on Google form response submissions.
  • Doctopus: Automate distribution of assignments to students and track activity. (See also: Google Classroom)
  • Event-o-Matic: Merge spreadsheet data into calendar events, set logic conditions, form and time triggers, and sync updates.
  • Form Mule: Turn form responses or spreadsheet data into automated personalized emails.
  • Quiz Banker (staff only): Create student quizzes based on thousands of past New York Regents exam questions.
  • Sheet Spider: Create multiple spreadsheets from one master spreadsheet. Retrieve and push data to capture inputs and updates.

Approved add-ons for Google Forms

  • Doc Appender: Create a running log of Google form responses in one or more Google docs.
  • Form Notifications: Create and configure email notifications for response thresholds and Form respondents.
  • Form Ranger: Automatically populate your form question choices from spreadsheet data.

This page was last updated on March 14, 2023