2015-2016 Innovation Awards

2015-2016 Innovation Awards

During the 2015-2016 school year, Innovation awards were granted to promising (but largely untested) projects that showed a reasonable expectation of success. Starting this year, we have restructured the awards to advance our broader efforts to implement an innovative system and capitalize on SFUSD’s new iLab as a resource toward that end. As a result, schools were not asked to submit a promising practice, but rather invited to present an equity challenge that their school community is facing and wants to tackle in an innovative fashion. The winning schools then assembled a site team to engage in a design process (including an iLab bootcamp and followup coaching sessions) in order to create an innovative work plan that addresses their unique challenge. Our winning applicants are currently in the middle of that process; we expect them to finalize their design early in the Spring 2016 semester.

Alamo Elementary School

How might we increase digital literacy for our ELL and SPED students so they are empowered to demonstrate their grasp of the material using technological resources?

June Jordan

How might we provided one to one computing access for all of our students?

Marshall Elementary

How might we create environments in which students are motivated to learn and master 21st century skills, in which they are active learners in the classroom?

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy

How might we create a learning environment that enables our African American students to be successful and feel celebrated?

Buena Vista Horace Mann 

How might we clearly articulate and breath life into BVHM’s mission, vision and values so that they are experienced and supported by students and families throughout the school day and afterschool?

John Muir Elementary 

How might we create relationships between teachers and families that will elevate student achievement and inspire families and teacher to be a part of John Muir?

Everett Middle School

How might we facilitate a student centered, safe, and structured lunch time experience for our students?

Downtown High 

How might we transform students self - concept & attitude about school that results in increased attendance, community/family/student buy in-in, student engagement, student success and pride?

Leonard R. Flynn Elementary  

How might we create an effective school experience for students receiving school services?

Charles Drew College Prep

How might we design a learning ecosystem that leverages independence to create educational ownership and 2 yrs of growth for our underserved students?

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