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How to Sign Up for a Tour of SFUSD Schools

You can use the forms below to sign up for as many San Francisco public school tours as you want! Click the tour form sign-up link for each school you'd like to visit below and complete the brief form to sign up for a tour of that school.

Please note that tour dates and times will disappear from the form after the tour is full, since very large tours are disruptive to school instruction. Please fill out the form only one time for each school, as spaces are limited.

School addresses and contact information can be found at


You will receive a confirmation email with your responses for each school tour you sign up for.

To cancel or change a tour time:

Click "Edit Response" at the top of your confirmation email and you will be able to change or cancel your tour. Please make sure to cancel or change your tour if you can no longer attend, so that other families are able to tour the school. 

Special Education

If you are interested in touring a Special Day Class or the ACCESS program at a specific school site that offers the program, please get in touch with the school to make necessary arrangements. Click on the following link for a list of school contact information:

Select a Grade Level

Choose a grade level below to sign up for school tours.


TK, Elementary, and K-8 School Tours

School Name Grades Served Tour Sign-Up Form
Alamo Elementary K-5 Alamo Elementary
Alvarado Elementary TK, K-5 Alvarado Elementary
Argonne Elementary TK, K-5 Argonne Elementary
Argonne Early Education School Pre-K, TK Argonne Early Education School
Bryant Elementary TK, K-5 Bryant Elementary
Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 Buena Vista Horace Mann
Carmichael  K-8 School Pre-K, TK, K-8 Carmichael K-8 School
Carver Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Carver Elementary
Chavez Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Chavez Elementary
Chin Elementary K-5 Chin Elementary
Chinese Immersion School  TK, K-5 Chinese Immersion School 
Clarendon Elementary K-5 Clarendon Elementary
Cleveland Elementary K-5 Cleveland Elementary
Cobb Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Cobb Elementary
Drew Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Drew Elementary
El Dorado Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 El Dorado Elementary
Feinstein Elementary TK, K-5 Feinstein Elementary
Flynn Elementary TK, K-5 Flynn Elementary
Garfield Elementary K-5 Garfield Elementary
Glen Park Elementary K-5 Glen Park Elementary
Grattan Elementary Pre-K, K-5 Grattan Elementary
Guadalupe Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Guadalupe Elementary
Harte Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Harte Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary TK, K-5 Hillcrest Elementary
Huerta Elementary TK, K-5 Huerta Elementary
Jefferson Elementary K-5 Jefferson Elementary
Key Elementary TK, K-5 Key Elementary
Lafayette Elementary TK, K-5 Lafayette Elementary
Lakeshore Elementary TK, K-5 Lakeshore Elementary
Lau Elementary TK, K-5 Lau Elementary
Lawton Elementary TK, K-8 Lawton Elementary
Lee Newcomer School K-5 Lee Newcomer School
Lilienthal K-8 School K-8 Lilienthal K-8 School
Longfellow Elementary  TK, K-5 Longfellow Elementary 
Malcolm X Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Malcolm X Elementary
Marshall Elementary K-5 Marshall Elementary
McCoppin Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 McCoppin Elementary
McKinley Elementary TK, K-5 McKinley Elementary
McLaren Early Education School Pre-K, TK McLaren Early Education School
Milk Civil Rights Elementary K-5 Milk Civil Rights Elementary
Miraloma Elementary K-5 Miraloma Elementary
Mission Education Center Pre-K, TK, K-5 Mission Education Center
Monroe Elementary K-5 Monroe Elementary
Moscone Elementary K-5 Moscone Elementary
Muir Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Muir Elementary
New Traditions Elementary K-5 New Traditions Elementary
Noriega Early Education School Pre-K, TK Noriega Early Education School
Ortega Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Ortega Elementary
Parker Elementary TK, K-5 Parker Elementary
Parks Elementary TK, K-5 Parks Elementary
Peabody Elementary K-5 Peabody Elementary
Redding Elementary TK, K-5 Redding Elementary
Revere K-8 School Pre-K, K-5 Revere K-8 School
Rodriguez Early Education School Pre-K, TK Rodriguez Early Education School
Rooftop K-8 School TK, K-8 Rooftop K-8 School
San Francisco Community K-8 K-8 San Francisco Community K-8
San Francisco Public Montessori Elementary Pre-K, K-5 San Francisco Public Montessori Elementary
Sanchez Elementary  Pre-K, TK, K-5 Sanchez Elementary 
Serra Elementary TK, K-5 Serra Elementary
Serra Annex Early Education School Pre-K, TK Serra Annex Early Education School
Sheridan Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Sheridan Elementary
Sherman Elementary K-5 Sherman Elementary
Sloat Elementary K-5 Sloat Elementary
Spring Valley Science Elementary TK, K-5 Spring Valley Science Elementary
Starr King Elementary TK, K-5 Starr King Elementary
Stevenson Elementary K-5 Stevenson Elementary
Stockton Early Education School Pre-K, TK Stockton Early Education School
Sunnyside Elementary K-5 Sunnyside Elementary
Sunset Elementary K-5 Sunset Elementary
Sutro Elementary K-5 Sutro Elementary
Taylor Elementary Pre-K, K-5 Taylor Elementary
Tenderloin Community Elementary Pre-K, TK, K-5 Tenderloin Community Elementary
Tule Elk Park Early Education School Pre-K, TK Tule Elk Park Early Education School
Ulloa Elementary K-5 Ulloa Elementary
Visitacion Valley Elementary TK, K-5 Visitacion Valley Elementary
Webster Elementary K-5 Webster Elementary
West Portal Elementary TK, K-5 West Portal Elementary
Wo Elementary School K-5 Wo Elementary School
Yu K-8 School K-8 Yu K-8 School


Middle School Tours

Middle school students may also apply to K-8 schools, and tour forms for these are found in the previous section. Space in K-8 schools at 6th grade is limited.

School Name Grades Served Tour Signup Form
Aptos Middle 6-8 Aptos Middle
Brown Middle 6-8 Brown Middle
Denman Middle 6-8 Denman Middle
Everett Middle 6-8 Everett Middle
Francisco Middle 6-8 Francisco Middle
Giannini Middle 6-8 Giannini Middle
Hoover Middle 6-8 Hoover Middle
King Middle 6-8 King Middle
Lick Middle 6-8 Lick Middle
Marina Middle 6-8 Marina Middle
Presidio Middle 6-8 Presidio Middle
Roosevelt Middle 6-8 Roosevelt Middle
Visitacion Valley Middle 6-8 Visitacion Valley Middle

High School Tours

School Name Tour Sign-Up Form
Asawa School of the Arts High Asawa School of the Arts High
Balboa High Balboa High
Burton High  Burton High
Galileo High Galileo High
Independence High Please call the school at 415-242-5000 to schedule an appointment. 
June Jordan School of Equity Please call the school at 415-452-4922 to schedule an appointment. 
Lincoln High Lincoln High
Lowell High Lowell High
Marshall High Marshall High
Mission High Mission High
O'Connell High O'Connell High
SF International High Please call the school at 415-695-5781 to schedule an appointment. 
The Academy - SF @ McAteer The Academy - SF @ McAteer
Wallenberg High Wallenberg High
Washington High Washington High


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