RAVE Winners 2019

RAVE Winners 2019

Adelina Duncan, Family Liason - Mission Education Center- Distinguished Service Award Winner for December 2019

"Adelina supports families across all grade levels and organizes events for parents and students to engage them with saving for college.  She helps show families that SFUSD cares about their children and that their children can have a bright future that includes the college of their choice.  Adelina is bright, warm and friendly and truly cares about the futures of families who go through her school.  She exemplifies SFUSD's core values of being student-centered, fearless, united, diversity driven, and committed to social justice." - Nominated 04/2019

Andre Williams, Paraeducator - Thurgood Marshall High School- Special Service Award Winner for December 2019

"Coach Williams is the heart and soul of our school. I cannot imagine Marshall without him there. He's the kind of person who makes you feel better about yourself just by being in his presence. No lie, when I run into him in the hallway and talk to him for just a minute or two, I walk away feeling energized and with my mood lifted. I've heard similar from other people, including my own daughter. This special man deserves to be recognized.  He is positive, playful, energetic, dedicated, wise, loyal, protective, introspective, understanding, kind...the list goes on and on." - Nominated 03/2019

Grey Todd, Classroom Teacher - Presidio Middle School- Distinguished Service Award Winner for November 2019

"Grey Todd consistently goes above and beyond to build school community for students and adults. He supports everyone in the building with their tech questions, he opens the building on the weekends so that teachers can come in and work, he takes candid photos of our students every day for our daily bulletin." - Nominated 10/2018

Tanya Sanchez-Manu, Paraprofessional - Tenderloin Community School- Distinguished Award Winner for October 2019

"Some of this employee's positive qualities that distinguish her work are the following: 1) her work ethic----she moves from room to room across grade levels which can be challenging. 2) Her initiative---She manages to keep her materials organized on her own time, and comes up with activities and daily charts for students that are beneficial to students and that also help to support the educational program that teachers and resource specialists provide to students. 3) Her attitude---she is positive, considerate and thoughtful toward students, staff and families." - Nominated 11/2018

Sohum Bhatt, Chemistry Teacher - Raoul Wallenberg High School- Special Service Award Winner for October 2019

"Mr. Bhatt is well prepared every day to teach. He communicates clearly with parents and students using all avenues available to him. His expectations are clear and fair. He takes time to get to know his students and to encourage them to be curious, to take risks, to meet deadlines and grow. He makes himself available for tutoring many afternoons. He presents the subject matter in avariety of ways so that different types of learners have access to the information. Mr. Bhatt is an excellent listener and manages his classroom with expert calm at all times." - Nominated 12/2018 and 01/2019

Sarah Carp, Instructional Reform Facilitator - Buena Vista/Horace Mann K-8 School

"Sarah holds equity and student learning at the center of conversations, learning spaces, and problem solving. She is a life long learner who inspires those around her to continually learn and improve as professionals and as human beings. Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious. She is an artful, creative problem solver. She truly listens to people and is able to quickly assess what both adults and students want as well as what they need, even when they may be unaware of these things." - Nominated 09/2018

Alisa Chriss-Price, Main Office Secretary - Dr. Charles R. Drew Early Education School

"She guides our parents through the process of providing their children with a preschool education with intelligence, fairness, and kindness. Her persistence and follow-through often result in improvements in the attendance and health of our students,and an increase in the well-being of their families. She takes responsibility for the organization of our school and provides leadership when needed to ensure the education and safety of our students and staff." - Nominated 10/2018

Adriana Vargas, Enrollment Counselor - Early Education Enrollment - Special Service Award Winner for June 2019

"Tengo un niño de 4 años que necesitaba inscribirlo al Cesar Chávez y ella me hizo el proceso más fácil. Ella ha sido paciente conmigo que no se como hacer estos procesos y no soy buena con la computadora y los papeles y tampoco hablo inglés. Adriana es muy agradable y siempre está contenta ydispuesta a ayudar a los padres. Tiene una actitud positiva y contagiante, es hasta chistosa." "I have a 4 year old who needed to register at Cesar Chavez and she made me the process much easier. She has been patient with my lack of understanding about these processes and with my computer and English skills. Adriana is very friendly and always happy and willing to help parents. She has a positive and contagious attitude and is even funny. - Nominated 3 times 05/2018, nominated 1 time 10/2018

Josie Varona, Literacy Coach - E.R. Taylor Elementary School - Distinguished Service Award Winner for May 2019

"Josie came to ER Taylor to work with students and teachers supporting the Comprehensive Approach to Literacy. She has seamlessly developed working groups for our neediest readers, long-term ELs, and newcomers, all while coaching and supporting teachers. She has a no-nonsense approach to all work and behaviors that come her way. Additionally, she is flexible and willing to try new things (e.g., 10-minute 1:1 with challenging students, alternative seating, etc.) to support growth for all. Above all, she is knowledgeable, approachable and fun to work with." - Nominated 02/2018

Teanisha Hudson, Paraprofessional - Hoover Middle School - Special Service Award Winner for May 2019

"Ms. Hudson has been a shining light at Hoover, despite instability and difficulties in the classes she has supported in the SOAR program there. Everyone I have met who works with her says amazing things about her." - Nominated 08/2018

Dexter James, Cafeteria/Dining Staff - John O'Connell High School - Distinguished Service Award Winner for April 2019

"Dexter is truly dedicated to his students at O'Connell High School. There is very few staff who greet the students with such compassion and positivity. This is why I believe he deserves recognition. A little "hello" can go a long way." - Nominated 08/2018

Sabrina Belara, Special Education Teacher - Balboa High School - Special Service Award Winner for April 2019

"Sabrina Belara is a new addition to our faculty through the new Pathways program to help fast-track special education educators into being full-time, certificated educators within SFUSD. Sabrina has truly been an asset to our school team in her 1-on-1 coaching of bilingual students who seek input and support, constantly communicating with her students' parents, and always ready to learn and challenge herself to be the best and most organized case manager that she can be." - Nominated 06/2018

2017-2018 Hoover Middle School Technovation Team (Yesenia Castro-Mitchell and Jacob Aringo) - Distinguished Service Award Winner for February 2019

 "A project that highlights this team’s ability to work together effectively is the Technovation class offered during advisory. Mr. Jacob Aringo and Ms. Yesenia Castro-Mitchell co-teach the class. They work with volunteers from Salesforce and a global network that connects young learners with opportunities to develop applications on a computer or tablet that will go toward solving a problem in our society or globally. Together they troubleshoot problems and come up with solutions, as well as facilitate a room full of middle school girls with the ability to create and build applications." - Nominated 04/2018

Jennifer Kabbabe, Special Education Transition Teacher - ACCESS SFUSD: The Arc - Special Service Award Winner for February 2019

"Jen Kabbabe is the epitome of a fabulous teacher. Jen’s care for her students goes beyond the school day into helping them schedule doctor appointments and coordinate with outside agencies for support. She has a holistic approach to teaching that sees the whole student, not just the educational component. Her dedication to transitional aged youth with disabilities is apparent in everything she does." - Nominated 03/2018

Mary Fung, Project Manager - SFUSD Facilities Design & Construction - Distinguished Service Award Winner for January 2019

"Beyond being incredible at her job responsibilities, she exudes SFUSD values and is a joy to work with. We continue to be impressed by her and admire the work that she inspires those on her team. She is highly communicative and an operational genius. It doesn't get better than Mary Fung." - Nominated 08/2018 and 12/2018

Samantha Aguirre, Teacher - John O'Connell High School - Special Service Award Winner for January 2019

"Ms. Aguirre is probably the most tireless supporter of ALL and ANY students under her care. She is always available, approachable, caring and knowledgeable. She has the kids’ complete trust and devotion due to her authenticity as a person. She inspires students to think critically and to give their utmost best. Not only does she work up a storm in her classroom, but she also spends time after school and on weekends leading an athletic team to the city-wide competition." - Nominated 05/2018

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