RAVE Nominees 2015

RAVE Nominees 2015

Jennifer Moless, Teacher - Junipero Serra Elementary School

“Jennifer is an awesome teacher and colleague! She inspires the Kindergarten and first grade teachers at our school and has helped to organize several fundraisers. Jennifer is truly an inspiration to all teachers!” - Nominated 12/2015

Jaime Raygoza, Custodian - Sutro Elementary School

“Jaime is kind and approachable. If there is an unexpected accident or issue to be dealt with, he is always willing to go the extra length for the betterment of his community. Jaime is so reliable and so dedicated.” - Nominated 10/2015

Tom Tomczak, Teacher - George Washington High School

“Tom cares deeply about ELL and newcomer students. He creates relevant lessons that not only build their English language skills, but also build their self-confidence. He has been repeatedly selected by his students as an honoree of the University of California's annual Teacher Recognition for inspiring them in high school.” - Nominated 10/2015

Daisy Chin, Jason S. Wong, Rhonda Kreklau, Jon Kwak, JoAnn Castillo, Carrie Maloney, Martin Cameron, Eddie Ngo, Steve Lopez - Department of Technology

“This team is just fabulous!! They are dedicated to work and drill to the bottom of the issue. They are like a torch of light that guides you in the right direction, finds a solution and solves the issue together.” - Nominated 07/2015

Dina Wright, Student/ Teacher's Aide - Lincoln High School Teacher Academy to Paraprofessional Program

“As a student intern, Dina spent her summer tutoring, teaching and model learning for Special Education students and credit recovery students during summer school. She did this as part of the Teacher Academy, which paves a pathway for local talent aspiring teachers to become SFUSD paraprofessionals.” - Nominated 06/2015

Kevin Odle, Assistant Principal - Visitacion Valley Middle School

“All teachers and students feel comfortable approaching him for help, support or just a chat. He leads the Instructional Leadership Team and strived to bring a sense of social justice to our discussions and plans for the school. He pushes everyone to be a better person.” - Nominated 05/2015

Alice Lin-Tay, School Secretary - Tenderloin Community Elementary School

“Alice Lin-Tay is faced with a million different situations and challenges each day being in the front office at school and faces with them with a smile and always works to resolve issues. She's quick and efficient with all tasks and is very professional.” - Nominated 05/2015

Monica Lun, Kindergarten Immersion Teacher - Garfield Elementary School

“Monica is an innovative teacher who always uses engaging techniques to make learning fun and hands-on for her students. In addition, she has excellent rapport with the parents, carrying over her nurturing demeanor towards the parents and her colleagues.” - Nominated 05/2015

Norman Zelaya, Special Education Teacher - Buena Vista/Horace Mann

“He has many of his students at grade level and teaches well the social-emotional and academic skills his students need to succeed. Stepping into his class it always seems like students are learning and on task.” - Nominated 05/2015

Kristina Kim and Sam Bass, Teachers - Miraloma Elementary School

“This team is dedicated to the betterment of public school education as evidenced by their relentless effort in creating a strong community of families, pushing students to achieve their best academically, and a sincere focus on everyday values of generosity, acceptance/inclusion, and kindness.” - Nominated 05/2015

Desktop Support Team: Brian Falls. Mamadou Cisse, Anthony Kuan, Ralph Murillo, John Hanley, Iain Bryan, Crystal Cheung, Leonard DeJesus, Benjamin Zhong, Craig VanSpronsen, Dave Pankenier- Information Technology Department

“Every day this team makes sure all schools are up and running in regards to their technology. They are the faces of IT at all school sites and provide excellent customer service which reflects on to the rest of the IT department working behind the scenes.” - Nominated 05/2015

Chris Linder, Teacher - Miraloma Elementary School

“Chris goes above and beyond in her role as a classroom teacher. She works to engage every single student and to inspire a passion of learning within them.” - Nominated 05/2015

Maria Herrera, Teacher - Alvarado Elementary School

“Ms. Herrera exemplifies what a great teacher should be - someone who not only cares about the kids she teaches, but also someone who gets involved in the community to ensure parents are involved in their kids' education.” - Nominated 05/2015

San Francisco Teacher Residency Program Team: Hossien Koch, Brian Waldman, Megan Deane, Rigoberto Barrera, Alan Calac, Amber Lancaster, Lenore Kenny, Marcel Degas, Katie Waddle, Martin Mckenzie, Lisa Cowles, Marianna Singwi-Ferrono, Anna Blake, Danielle Casimiro, TR Amsler, Geri Almanza, Loretta Torres, Vanya Cole, Cindy Cheung, Benjamin Corey, Ryan Mountford, Laura Belfiglio-Gold, Stefan Sobiek, Robert Sautter, Sara Liebert, Annie Martin, Esther Woo, Nikki Thornton - Various School Sites

“We would like them to be recognized for their dedication, their humility, their service to their students, their schools, and the district. As SFTR cooperating teachers, they are leaders in teacher education. We want them to be recognized for stepping up and taking responsibility for preparing the next generation of excellent teachers for hard to staff schools in SFUSD.” - Nominated 05/2015

Jing, Custodian - Custodial Services

“We appreciate everything Jing does for our students and families, and always appreciate Jing's commitment and proactive attitude. Thank you Jing!” - Nominated 04/2015

Kathleen Shushtar, Senior Clerk Typist - Claire Lilienthal Elementary School

“Mrs. Shushtar makes sick students feel better, bandages up ouches, fields parent questions, makes sure each teacher gets what s/he needs, and supports our administration. We are truly lucky to have her expertise.” - Nominated 04/2015

Yvonne Kawasaki, Clerk Typist - Abraham Lincoln High School

“Yvonne has a willingness to go beyond her required duties...” - Nominated 04/2015

MPD Support Staff, Sylvia Romano, Alfonso Santos, Kan Kan, Jack Banouvong - C&I Cabrillo Campus

“These 4 individuals bring amazing talents and skills to the Multilingual Pathways Department. They are the constant gardeners, tending to every imaginable detail, keeping systems organized, supporting administrators and TSAs, going above and beyond what's required of them to make sure our students--through our schools and departments--receive the world-class education envisioned by our amazing district.” - Nominated 04/2015

Chun Yin Li, Family Liaison - Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

“Chun successfully formed the school's first English Learner Advisory Committee to help bridge the cultural and language gap between English learners and school staff.” - Nominated 04/2015

Paulette Cauthorn, Senior Clerk Typist - Ruth Asawa SOTA

“Paulette Cauthorn is ready to take any challenge that comes on the way. It does not matter the size of the problem or challenge, she is there with the right energy and a big smile.” - Nominated 04/2015

Karen Hadley, Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher - Claire Lilienthal - Scott Campus

“Every day Karen,... makes a difference in students' lives. She is highly organized, a visionary, has an awesome rapport with her students, creates amazing school spirit, and alumni from Claire Lilienthal continually stay in contact with Ms. Hadley even into their college days.” - Nominated 04/2015

Corina Herdashe, Senior Clerk Typist - Special Education Services

“She has a strong work ethic and an excellent memory, and she always thinks of the best interest of the special education team and the students we serve.” - Nominated 04/2015

Lanelle Patton-Yancy, Senior Clerk Typist - Visitacion Valley Middle School

“Ms. Patton-Yancy is continuously pulled in every direction, multi-tasking, wearing the hats of many people... all the while with a positive and upbeat energy that never wavers.” - Nominated 04/2015

Michelle Chang, Principal - Dianne Feinstein Elementary School

“Michelle Chang is a secret superhero. She is strong, brave and single-minded in her drive to help the kids who need the most help. While balancing the high expectations and demands of a west side middle class school...” - Nominated 04/2015

Miriam Martinez, Secretary - State and Federal Programs

“Ms. Martinez is diligent, patient, supportive, gracious, prompt, responsive, polite and professional... It is people like her who make our district a better place to learn and work.” - Nominated 04/2015

John Muratet, Teacher - Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy

“Mr. Muratet brings his youth, humor, tech-savvy energy into the classroom every day. He makes himself available after school with an "open door" policy.” - Nominated 04/2015

Lissette Deleon, Noon Monitor - Cleveland Elementary School

“Lissette is loving, hardworking, friendly and cares for others. She is very affectionate and parents always look to her for help...” - Nominated 03/2015

Theresa Breault, Teacher - Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

“She cares a lot about her students and spends a lot of time making lesson plans. Even though, this is only her 2nd year at MLK, she was an amazing teacher and made every class fun for the students.” - Nominated 03/2015

Manas Kulkarni, Teacher - Thurgood Marshall High School

“Mr. Kulkarni creates all of his lessons from scratch, paying special attention to the unique needs of his students. He easily builds rapport and creates a cooperative learning environment with his students. He's a natural leader in his grade level team meetings, is incredibly professional and always makes time to support his coworkers.” - Nominated 03/2015

Silvia Cordero, Principal, Ben Klaus, Assistant Principal, Maria Trinidad Orozco, Family Liaison, Rex Ridgeway, Volunteer and Grandparent, Team - El Dorado Elementary School

“The El Dorado team has demonstrated incredible innovation and commitment to supporting and strengthening family engagement, specifically around implementation of the School Quality Improvement Index Family Culture/Climate survey.” - Nominated 03/2015

Mr. Brian, Teacher Shell, Mrs. Courtney, Team - Dr. William L. Cobb Elementary School

“These 3 educators work tirelessly to make the preschoolers feel confident, have fun, and have a safe learning environment. They communicate extremely well with the parents and help the children achieve their maximum learning potential.” - Nominated 02/2015

Anastasia Shattner, Principal - Tenderloin Community School

“She holds monthly principal's chats that are open to all parents/guardians. She actively solicits input, ideas, questions, and concerns from everyone in attendance - and reaches out to those who are unable to attend.” - Nominated 02/2015

Jack Huang, IS Business Analyst Principal - IT

“Jack provides seamless support to the operations of Payroll, HR, Budget, Labor and IT in his role. No matter how busy he is, he has a professionalism and "can-do" attitude that is exceptional to experience. Jack deserves to be celebrated because he is amazing at what he does!” - Nominated 01/2015, Special RAVE Award Winner for August 2009

Rosa Cheung, Teacher - Claire Lilienthal Elementary School

“Mrs. Cheung encourages every student and makes sure they do their work completely without shortcuts. She is very devoted to teaching, and never tries to miss a day of school for her students. She is very disciplined with her students, and I'm very grateful for what she does.” - Nominated 01/2015


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