SFUSD Departmental Directory

SFUSD Department Directory

Department Contact for Contact Info

Phone: 415-241-6565
Email: newsline@sfusd.edu

Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: 628-900-4724
Email: curriculumandinstruction@sfusd.edu

Early Education Department (EED)
  • infant, toddler, and pre-kindergarten programs

Central office phone: 415-241-6085
Satellite office phone: 415-401-2500
Email: EEDEnrollment@sfusd.edu

Enrollment Center

Office: 555 Franklin Street, 1st floor
Phone: 415-241-6085
Email: enrollinschool@sfusd.edu

Families and Youth in Transition

  • homeless youth support

Phone: 415-340-1716
Email: sflink@sfusd.edu

Go to familylink.sfusd.edu to complete an online request form

Human Resources
  • job openings
  • benefits
  • substitutes

Phone: 415-241-6101

Legal Department
  • public records request

Phone: 415-241-6054
Email: publicinfo@sfusd.edu

Office of Equity

Phone: 415-355-7334
Email: equity@sfusd.edu

Real Estate and Facility Use Permits
  • lease agreements
  • facility use permits
  • license agreements
Phone: 415-241-6090
Email: permits@sfusd.edu
Research, Planning and Assessments
  • School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs)
  • assessments
  • evaluation and research

Phone: 415-241-6400
Email: aao@sfusd.edu

Risk Management

Phone: 415-241-6307
Email: riskmanagement@sfusd.edu

San Francisco Education Fund
  • school volunteers

Phone: 415-695-5400

Special Education Services
  • special education assessment
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) resources and services
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC SPED)
  • community calendar and news

Phone: 415-759-2222

For questions regarding Brown files or special education records, email: spedrecords.request@sfusd.edu

Fill out this form to contact Special Education Services

Student Family School Resource Link
  • helpline for students, families and schools
  • research and training for SFUSD staff and families
  • family partnership support
Phone: 415-340-1716
Email: sflink@sfusd.edu
Online Request Form
Student Nutrition Services
  • meals program
  • free/reduced lunch applications

Phone: 415-749-3604
Email: schoollunch@sfusd.edu


Students and families should reach out for support for school-related technology through the SFUSD Student Family School Resource Link.

Transcripts, Student Records and Work permits
  • student transcripts
  • student records
  • work permits
  • high school diplomas
  • DACA records

Office: 20 Cook Street, Room 11
Phone: 415-340-1716
Email: transcripts@sfusd.edu

Translation and Interpretation Services for Families (TIU)
  • virtual interpretation FAQs
  • written and oral service request forms

Phone: 415-340-1716

  • IEP and General Ed Transportation services

Phone: 415-695-5505
Email: transportation@sfusd.edu
M-F, 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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