Service Standards

Our Service Standards


  • Communicate positively and proactively
  • Respond in a timely, professional, and accurate manner
  • Respect ideas and feedback from people of all backgrounds and positions


  • Listen and ask questions
  • Empathize and consider different perspectives
  • Offer options and differentiated support


  • Be solutions-oriented
  • Collaborate and share responsibility to solve challenges
  • Clarify agreements and follow through on commitments

HUG Service Survey

School site leaders and others are asked to assess the services they receive from central offices each year. Once SFUSD's service standards were established, the HUG Service Survey replaced what was formerly known as the CARE survey. This data is important as SFUSD central office teams strive to improve the quality of the services they provide to schools and all of our community members.

In May 2019, site leaders, school site secretaries/ clerks, and central office leaders were invited to complete the HUG Service Survey. In addition to collecting feedback about each department, the 2019 HUG Survey asked respondents to rate SFUSD central services as a whole. Here is a summary of our district-wide ratings. As you will see, we have room for growth, particularly in the standards “Offer options and differentiated support,” and “Collaborate and share responsibility.” Our collective bright spot is “Communicate positively and proactively” –– although there is room for improvement there as well.

Improving service to schools and other stakeholders is one of SFUSD's highest priorities. As such, our collective target is that 60% of departments score 3.5 or have 5% growth.

This page was last updated on June 3, 2021