Contact Information for Employee FAQs

Contact Info for Employee FAQs

ServiceDepartmentEmailPhone NumberWeb InfoContact for help with
AccountingBusiness 241-6695Accountingpaying bills or vendors
Administrator StaffingHuman ResourcesSubmit a request to 241-6101Administrative Careersopportunities for aspiring administrators
Assessments & TestingResearch, Planning & 241-6400Achievement Assessmentsquestions about student assessments and data
BenefitsHuman ResourcesSubmit a request to 241-6101Benefits & Insurancequestions about applying for or changing benefits options
BudgetBusiness ServicesContact your Budget AnalystBudget Analyst AssignmentsBudget Officeschool or department budget questions (e.g., planning and tracking your resources)
Certificated StaffingHuman ResourcesSubmit a request to 241-6101Join SFUSD - Certificatedjob opportunities for teachers/ other certificated, including transfer options 241-6565Communications & PRflier approvals, media, news & publications, opt-in forms, crisis communications, website
Community 241-6185Memorandum of Understandingquestions about MOUs or community partnerships
CredentialsHuman ResourcesSubmit a request to 241-6101Credentialingquestions about credentials, transcripts, etc.
Employment VerificationHuman ResourcesSubmit a request to 241-6101Employment & Income Verificationverifying employment or income for loan applications, apartment rentals, etc.
Field Trips/InsuranceRisk 241-6307Field Trip Forms & Guidelinesquestions about field trips, required forms, etc. Student Injuries, Accidents/ Insurance, Safety Guides
Workplace InjuriesHuman ResourcesSubmit a request to 241-6101Employee Injuries & Workers Compensationquestions about employee injury/illness, Workers' Compensation 
PayrollBusiness ServicesSubmit a request to 241-6114Payrollconcerns with your paycheck (e.g., payment of stipends, pay errors, withholding questions) & W-2
PurchasingBusiness Services (415) 241-6468Procurementvendor identification for purchasing supplies (Note: Warehouse now managed by Facilities)
SalaryHuman ResourcesSubmit a request to 241-6101HR Salary Unitquestions about your wage, transcripts and salary payscale
QTEA-Funded StipendsHuman 241-6101QTEA Stipends & Retention Bonusstipends for teachers in high potential schools and hard to fill subjects
Student AssignmentEducational Placement 241-6085EPC Employee Infoquestions about all aspects of assigning students to schools/ educational programs
SubstitutesHuman ResourcesSubmit a request to 241-6101 X1221Active Substituteslogging into substitute system; troubleshooting sub system; other sub issues
Technology Help 241-6476Technology Tools & Systems - includes Technology Help Desktechnology training or purchasing; troubleshooting hardware or software issues; phone issues


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