New-to-San Francisco Enrollment for SY 2024-25

About New-to-San Francisco Enrollment

What is New-to-San Francisco Enrollment?

Families who are new to San Francisco, and families who have not previously submitted an application to SFUSD for the 2024-25 school year may participate in New-to-SF Enrollment. This enrollment period starts on July 8, 2024 and goes through July 12. Open Enrollment for all students begins on July 15. 

Students who have only submitted a Wait Pool application for the 2024-25 school year (but did not participate in the Main Round or Round 2) are still eligible to participate in New-to-SF enrollment. Inter-District transfers are not able to enroll during the New-to-SF enrollment period, but are eligible to enroll during the Open Enrollment period with an Inter-District permit beginning July 15.

During New to SF enrollment, a student can receive an immediate assignment to a school and program that has open seats and no Wait Pool requests. If those conditions are met, enrollment is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. A student who enrolls through New-to-SF Enrollment can continue to wait for a different school in the Wait Pool, if they wish to do so. 

How to participate in New-to-SF Enrollment

Families participate in New-to-SF Enrollment by speaking with an Enrollment Center counselor. There is no "New-to-SF application" — you must speak with a counselor to check what programs are available at that time. 

Eligible families can participate in New-to-SF Enrollment beginning July 8, 2024 at 8:00 AM by visiting the Enrollment Center (EC) main office at 555 Franklin St, Room 100, or by calling (415) 241-6085. 

The Southeast office, located at 1520 Oakdale Ave, Room 13, will be closed the week of July 8. It will reopen on Tuesday, July 16 and be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See all contact information

Students who are completely new to SFUSD, and who have not submitted an application before, will need to complete an application to provide all student information, parent information, and required documents. Visit for information about how to apply online or complete the PDF application. For fastest service, you can complete the application ahead of time.

Who can participate in New-to-SF Enrollment?

You may participate in New-to-SF Enrollment if you have not previously applied for an SFUSD school for 2024-25. This could mean:

  • You are a current SFUSD student but did not participate in the Main Round or Round 2 for SY 2024-25
  • You are a San Francisco resident interested in enrolling into a SFUSD school and have not applied for the Main Round or Round 2 for SY 2024-25

If you have already applied for Main Round and/or Round 2 for 2024-25 and you need a school, please participate in Open Enrollment instead, which begins on July 15.

If I enroll during New-to-SF Enrollment in a school that has space, can I transfer later?

Yes, if you enroll in a school that has immediate availability during New-to-SF Enrollment, you can still change your student's enrollment through August 30, 2024

  • You can call or visit the Enrollment Center again, to transfer to a different school if space opens up.
  • Before the August 7 deadline, you can submit a Wait Pool application, listing one school that you would like to get into, but that does not have immediate availability (or already has other people who have submitted Wait Pool applications). If a space becomes available at your requested school, we will contact you between August 14 and August 30 to give you the option to transfer.

This page was last updated on July 11, 2024