Wait Pool

About Wait Pools

The Wait Pool period for school year 2021-22 opens on May 8 and runs through August 11. We strongly suggest that families submit a Wait Pool application by July 19.

The application will be available starting May 8. Here are three ways to submit an application:

  • Online through your ParentVUE account (select the "online forms" tab) OR via the Online Forms Portal
  • Email a Wait Pool application to enrollinschool@sfusd.edu.
  • Mail a Wait Pool application to "Educational Placement Center, 555 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA 94102".

Wait Pool PDF applications will be available to download on this page starting May 8. You can also pick up a paper application at our 555 Franklin Street office -- a secure drop box will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the front entrance. At this time, please do not go inside 555 Franklin Street.

Wait Pool List

A list of schools that are available for the Wait Pool will be posted here in July. The list is sorted by school, grade, then pathway (program). Please keep in mind that numbers change and the tiebreaker system determines placement.

What is a Wait Pool?

  • A wait pool is a set of students that are applying for a particular school.
  • A wait pool request is an application to a single school.
  • A family may change that request before the wait pool deadline.
  • Once all applications are received for each school, SFUSD conducts an assignment run and applies tiebreakers to assign students to any open seats. 
  • A wait pool is NOT a wait list (i.e., it does not assign students on a first come, first serve basis).
  • SFUSD will post and periodically update the number of wait pool requests by school, grade and program. Please check back on this page.

Who is eligible to apply for the Wait Pool?

  • Any student may choose to take part in SFUSD's wait pool process, even those who applied through Main Round, Round 2, or Open Enrollment.
  • Once you have received a wait pool assignment, you are no longer eligible to participate in a wait pool for another school.

Why should I apply by July 19?

Any school/grade/program with a Wait Pool request will not be available for Open Enrollment. The Open Enrollment window begins on July 19.

For example: If by July 19, there are no Wait Pool requests for School A / Kindergarten / General Education, then families that participate in Open Enrollment will be able to access any open kindergarten GE seats at School A.

How and when do I find out if I got my Wait Pool request? 

  • Between August 16 and September 3 SFUSD will notify families if they receive an assignment to their wait pool school.