April 12, 2022 Superintendent's Remarks

Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

April 1st was Paraprofessional Appreciation Day, a day to honor paraprofessional educators. I want to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to each and every one of the nearly 2,000 paraeducators and substitute paras in SFUSD. Para is a prefix that comes from the Greek meaning “side by side or beside”. Paraeducators include family liaisons, noon monitors, security aides, and teachers’ assistants, to name a few– all of whom play a fundamental role to support our school communities. The positions range from working in the classroom to monitoring the students during their lunch to supporting the students and families when conflicts arise. Our SFUSD Core Values resonate deeply with our paras. They remain student-centered, staying focused on our students and their goals. Paraeducators fearlessly support our students every day. They unite the classroom and advocate for their students. And most of our paraeducators come from the same communities our students call home - bringing the knowledge and willingness to best reflect and support our diverse student population. Please join me in appreciating our amazing paraeducators every day.

LGBTQ Pride Month and Bike & Roll to School Week

This month, the San Francisco Unified School District is proud to honor the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersex, queer, and questioning members of our community in celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month. For over 30 years, SFUSD’s LGBTQ Student Services has been pioneering ways to make our 1 classrooms, school yards, sports facilities, and bathrooms welcoming and affirming for LGBTQ students and families. Pride is being celebrated in our schools by student groups – like our Gender and Sexuality Alliances and QGroups – in our hallways with bulletin boards and door decorations; and in classrooms with read alouds of books from the many queer, transgender, and intersex affirming titles on our library shelves; and by a district wide poster contest! We are also holding virtual LGBTQ+ 101 virtual parent workshops and a high school LGBTQ+ student conference. At 555 Franklin, we are hosting the Trans Justice Art exhibit by Forward Together on the first floor. The voices of our students lead the way as a reminder to us that while the pandemic has been challenging and we return to in person we can, and are, continuing to celebrate the Pride of our LGBTQ students and community members. For more information about SFUSD Pride and LGBTQ Student Services, visit https://www.sfusd.edu/LGBTQ/

Bike & Roll to School Week is April 18 - April 22, and it’s a time for students city-wide to celebrate getting around under your own power. Whether you’re on a bike, scooter, wheelchair, or skateboard, it’s healthy, green, and FUN. Walking counts too! For ways that your school or your student can participate, check out the activities and exciting prizes at https://sfbike.org/bikeandrollsf.

Health and Safety Update


SFUSD’s masking guidelines are aligned with local and state public health guidance. You can find information and frequently asked questions on the district website.

As of April 2, Indoor masking is recommended but not required. People may choose to wear a mask or not and I am asking that we respect everyone’s right to do so.

COVID-19 Testing

SFUSD continues to offer multiple testing options, including Color self-swab testing at every school site with daily pick-ups, and on-site rapid antigen testing through Safer Together.

SFUSD staff and students received two at-home rapid test kits. One was for use prior to returning from Spring Break. The second kit can be used as needed when returning from extended time away or if someone has symptoms.

Due to low usage, Color monitored mobile sites will phase out in April. Color mobile vans will be deployed to support group tracing implementation at various school sites by request.

Group Tracing

Group tracing is in effect at SFUSD. When there is a COVID-19 case at a school or central office site, SFUSD will enact group contact tracing, which is supported by public health officials as a safe way to manage COVID-19 and decrease the number of missed school days for students. Review the updated frequently asked questions about quarantine, isolation, and close contact protocols that are posted on our district website.

2022-2023 School Year Enrollment

Finally, families who want to enroll their child for next school year, 2022-2023, can apply from now through May 2, 2022. This includes families new to SFUSD, as well as families who prefer a different school assignment than their Main Round assignment. To apply, please visit sfusd.edu/enroll. We are excited to announce that more families have applied this year than last year, and 88% of students who applied for Kindergarten, TK, 6th grade, or 9th grade in the Main Round received one of their school choices. There is a school for every child in San Francisco, and we are excited to welcome new families.

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