RAVE Winners 2014

RAVE Winners 2014

Helen Kanbara, 3rd Grade Teacher – Jefferson Elementary School - Distinguished RAVE Award Winner for August 2014

“Ms. Kanbara is one of the best teachers that both of my sons have had. She guides her class with grace, structure, creativity, and the knowledge to learn. She sees the positive in every situation. She maintains a classroom order and interest at a very high level. She is creative and encourages her students to ask questions and love learning.” - Nominated 06/2013

Manny Benavides, Electrician – Buildings and Grounds - Special RAVE Award Winner for May 2014

“I am proud and grateful that he is in my shop and I firmly believe this exemplifies the spirit of family in Buildings and Grounds and the San Francisco Unified School District.” - Nominated 03/2013

Roxanne Huie, Speech Language Pathologist – Bret Harte Elementary School - Distinguished RAVE Award Winner for April 2014

“Ms. Huie is great to work with and suggests meaningful activities that can be used in the classroom to help students' speech and articulation issues. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face when working with the students.” - Nominated 03/2013

Steve Youn, Community Health Outreach Worker – George Washington High School - Special RAVE Award Winner for April 2014

“Steve is dedicated.  He starts at 7:30 AM, works non-stop until 4 PM and stays additional hours when needed.  Steve is always calm in a hectic environment. Even though he is constantly barraged with questions and telephone calls, he has never expressed irritation or upset. He is one of the nicest people one would ever meet.” - Nominated 05/2013

Kristen Edmonston, Student Intervention Team Program Administrator – 20 Cook Street - Distinguished RAVE Award Winner for January 2014

“When a clinical supervisor brings an issue to her for a consultation--whether it be on the intern program, social-emotional concerns for a student, an idea for further developing SIT--Ms. Edmonston listens with an active ear, provides meaningful feedback on the next steps, supports her team members through the process, and offers a solid dose of good judgment.” - Nominated 02/2013

RAVE Award Winner for January 2014

“Maya spends countless hours of her own time working to ensure that our kids receive the education they need and deserve, and her pride in them is heartwarming.” "I don't know what else to say except my wife and I (and other parents I might add) think of her as being our hero." - Nominated 10/2012, 03/2013

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