High School Internships

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Earn $2,000! Most internships are 20 hours per week for a total of 120 hours, at $16.50/hour in June. 

Most internship begin around June 3 and run through July 17 or July 24.

Internships require a CCSF course, a weekly seminar, or credit recovery course.

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Learn all about available internships, getting hired, and getting credit for your high school work experience.

We have both school year and summer internships!

Interns must be at least 15 years old and a student in SFUSD.

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Click Here if you are interested in a Summer Internship!
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Available Internships

Learn more about the available summer internships that SFUSD has to offer.  Find one that works for you!

Internship Programs

What Happens Next?

After you submit a completed the Summer 2020 Interest Survey, you can expect that:

  1. Within two weeks of your submission, someone from the SFUSD Internship Team to reach out to you regarding your completed Interest Survey 
  2. If we are able to match you immediately with an internship program, you will be given a link to complete an Internship Confirmation Form.  
  3. Once you have confirmed that you would like the internship program you have been offered, you will need to gather together Documents and Signed Forms and your TB clearance Form.  All internships working with children require a TB clearance Form.
  4. Open up a Bank Account and complete the Direct Deposit Form
  5. You will need to attend a hiring session or you will be provided with a link to compete the hiring process on your own. Not all interns are exempt from attending a hiring session. Hiring sessions will begin in March and continue through May. 
  6. Complete the CCSF application on your own or during a CCSF application session offered by Early College. You must also submit a CCSF Consent Form. Internships that do not include CCSF credit are exempt from this step.
  7.  Once you have completed the hiring process and have submitted your application to CCSF (fellowships exempt), you will be given a placement and a work schedule. 
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Getting Hired as a High School Intern

Find out here what the steps are to get hired by SFUSD.  Once these steps are complete, you will be offered an internship placement.  


Steps to Getting Hired as a High School Intern
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Apply to CCSF

Your internship includes a CCSF course with the exception of Career Pathway Fellowships and Mosaic Creative Careers

Click for information on applying to and enrolling in CCSF
ALHS Staff Resources

Tips and Tools for High School Interns

Tips and Tools for Surviving and Thriving in your High School Internship

  • What to do on your First Day
  • Internship Handbooks
  • Using Time Clock Wizard
  • Checking your Paystub
  • Payroll Calendars
Tips and Tools for the High School Intern