Elementary science

Mission and Vision for Science

The natural-born scientist in every SFUSD student will be tapped and nurtured so that they graduate from high school scientifically and ecologically literate.

This will be realized through rigorous and engaging science education connected to life-worthy and lifelong learning that fosters 21st century dispositions and skills (identifying problems & designing solutions, observation & questioning, analyzing evidence, creativity, communication, and collaboration). ​

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Elementary Science Core Curriculum

The K-5 Science Core Curriculum combines the NGSS-aligned Amplify physical, earth and life science instructional materials and SFUSD teacher-created guides to localize, enhance, provide language supports, and interdisciplinary connections for our students. Full coverage of the standards requires that science is taught at least twice weekly in Kindergarten through 2nd grade and three times per week in 3rd through 5th grade.

Accessing Amplify in Clever

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Teach Elementary Science

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Educators' general science information, including virtual field trips is available on the Teach Science page.

The Elementary Science Team

Carolyn Gencarella: gencarellac@sfusd.edu

Claudia Scharff: scharffc@sfusd.edu

Anastasia Pickens: pickensa@sfusdedu