Elementary science

Mission and Vision for Science

The natural-born scientist in every SFUSD student will be tapped and nurtured so that they graduate from high school scientifically and ecologically literate.

This will be realized through rigorous and engaging science education connected to life-worthy and lifelong learning that fosters 21st century dispositions and skills (identifying problems & designing solutions, observation & questioning, analyzing evidence, creativity, communication, and collaboration). ​

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K-5 Science Curriculum Information for Teachers

SFUSD teachers: Find complete curriculum resources for science education at the K-5 Elementary Science Page. Also, connect to the K-5 SFUSD Science Portal here.

The Elementary Science Team

Elementary Science Core Curriculum

Renée Marcy, Supervisor: marcyr@sfusd.edu

Claudia Scharff, Content Specialist: scharffc@sfusd.edu

Anastasia Pickens, Content Specialist: pickensa@sfusdedu

Theresa Hall, Science Resource Center Manager: hallt1@sfusd.edu 

Elementary Extended Learning, Garden Science and Outdoor Learning 

Vanessa Carter, Program Administrator: carterv@sfusd.edu

Carolyn Gencarella, Curriculum Consultant: gencarellac@sfusd.edu

Marina Krauss, Environmental Science Center Naturalist: kraussm@sfusd.ede

Meymey Lee, Environmental Science Center Naturalist: leem29@sfusd.edu

Molly Shapiro, Environmental Science Center Naturalist: shapirom@sfusd.edu 

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