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CCSS Algebra A
The first semester of the first year of algebra presents a study of symbols and sets, variables, properties of the natural and real numbers, operations with monomials and polynomials, linear equations and inequalities in one or two variables, polynomials and factoring.
Grade Level:9 - 12  PreRequisites: None

CCSS Algebra B
The second semester of the first year of algebra covers the study of polynomials, factoring, graphing and solutions of systems of equations or inequalities, operations on rational expressions, properties of exponents and radicals, the solutions of quadratic equations, probability and statistics, and elementary trigonometry.
Grade Level:9 - 12  PreRequisites: Passing Grade  in Algebra A


CCSS Geometry A
This course includes the study of introductory definitions and postulates, angles and triangles, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, perpendicular lines and planes, and parallel lines in space.
Grade Level:9 - 12  PreRequisites:Passing grade in Algebra 1B.  For 9th graders prerequisite Algebra mastery as shown in Placement testing.

CCSS Geometry B

This continuation of Geometry 1 covers the study of polygonal regions and their areas, similar triangles, circles and spheres, polygons, circumference and the area of circles, elementary plane coordinate geometry proofs, geometric constructions, volumes of solids and elementary trigonometry.
Grade Level:9 - 12  PreRequisites:Passing grade in Geometry A

CCSS Algebra 2 A
This continuation of the first year algebra devotes its study to relations and functions, the solution of systems of equations and inequalities, the complex number plane, quadratic functions, the study of real number exponents, exponential and logarithmic functions, and rational algebraic functions.
Grade Level:10 - 12  PreRequisites:Passing grade in Geometry B

CCSS Algebra 2 B
The course includes sequences and series, binomial theorem, probability and data analysis, introductory right triangle trigonometry, graphs of functions and their inverses, rational and irrational algebraic functions, complex numbers, and probability.
Grade Level:10 - 12  PreRequisites:Passing grade in Algebra 2A

Precalculus A
An in-depth study of trigonometry which includes periodic functions, trigonometric functions and their graphs, trigonometric identities, inverse trigonometric functions and graphs, and laws of sines and cosines.
Grade Level:11 - 12  PreRequisites:Passing grade in Algebra 2B

Precalculus B
The course includes the study of two-and three-dimensional vectors, analytic geometry of the conic sections, polar coordinates, infinite series, limits, an introduction to differential and integral calculus, and selected topics.
Grade Level:12  PreRequisites:Passing grade in PreCalculus A

Precalculus AH & BH
These courses cover all topics in the California State Framework for Trigonometry and Mathematical Analysis with the increased depth expected in an Honors course.  In addition during the fall the following 3-D vector areas are covered:  equations of planes; direction cosines and direction angles; vector and symmetric equations of lines in space; and distance from a point to a plane or line in space.  During spring additional topics include parametric equations of conics, applications of parametric equations, and equations of surfaces in space including surfaces of revolution and quadratic surfaces.
Grade Level:11  PreRequisites:Grade of B or better in Geometry H or A grades in Geometry & Advanced Algebra and recommendation of Advanced Algebra instructor.

Calculus/Advanced Placement AB & BC
Advanced Placement Mathematics is a course in introductory calculus with elementary functions. Calculus AB covers topics in functions, graphs, limits, continuity, and techniques and applications of differential and integral calculus. Calculus BC is a considerably more extensive and theoretical course. It covers all the topics in Calculus AB, plus further integration techniques, functions defined in polar and parametric form, sequences, and series.
Grade Level:11 - 12  PreRequisites:Pass Precalculus B or BH or Algebra 2B Honors

Algebra 2 + Precalculus A & B
Algebra 2 + Precalculus is not an honors course but has been designed by SFUSD to combine the essential parts of Algebra 2 and Precalculus required to prepare students for AB Calculus.  Not all California State Content Standards will be covered, including 25 "+" standards ( +  "Indicates additional mathematics to prepare students for advanced courses" according to the California Mathematics Framework) covered in a full Precalculus course.  Students should plan additional work in addition to this course to prepare for BC Calculus.
Grade Level:10 - 12  PreRequisites: Pass CCSS Geometry B and have a desires to compress 2 years of mathematics into a one year course.

Advanced Placement Statistics
This two semester course prepares students for the College Board Advanced Placement exam in Statistics. Students will study four broad conceptual themes:

1.       Exploring Data: Observing patterns and departures from patterns

2.       Planning a study: Deciding what and how to measure

3.       Anticipating patterns: Producing models using probability and simulation

4.       Statistical inference: Confirming models.

Grade Level:11 - 12  PreRequisites:Pass Algebra 2B or Algebra 2B Honors.

Computer Programming A & B

These are semester courses.  Computer Programming A is a lively introduction to javascript programming.  Students learn to program drawings, animations and games.  Course concepts include: problem solving techniques, program design, control structures, functions, loops, data structures and algorithms. The course uses the Khan Academy computer programming curriculum.  At the end of this course, students with passing grades will be able to enroll in AP Computer Science.  Computer Programming B continues from Computer Programming A.

Grade Level:9 - 12  PreRequisites: None

AP Principles of Computer Science

New for 2016-2017, AP Computer Science Principles is 2 semester course that introduces students to the fundamental concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology impacts the world. Multidisciplinary in nature, the course teaches students to analyze problems, use creative thinking, and collaborate to investigate solutions to real-word issues using computing. Students will develop a thorough grasp of the computing foundations and concepts relevant to college and career.  Topics covered include programming in javascript, python, and sql; app development, computer networking and security, computer hardware, robotics and Arduino programming,   The AP assessment includes a student portfolio in addition to a multiple choice test. After the successful completion of this course, students will be prepared to enroll in AP Computer Science.

Grade Level:10 - 12  PreRequisites:None

AP Computer Science
This two semester course sequence prepares students for the College Board Advanced Placement exam in Computer Science. Topics covered will include the Java programming language, Searching, Sorting, Object Oriented Programming, Program Implementation, Program Analysis, and Standard Algorithms. Free Java software is provided. 


Grade Level:10 - 12  PreRequisites: Requires one semester of programming in any language (can be either Computer Programming A or AP Principles of Computer Science) with a grade of B or better , or passing a basic test of programming in Java, Javascript, Python or C.

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