Physical Education

Physical Education Requirements

Students are required to take two years of physical education, for a total of 4 semesters and 20 credits. 

Freshment Physical Education

Physical Education course 1 and 2 (first and second semesters of 9th grade)

PE 1 & 2 is for students taking their first high school physical education course (PE). It guides students to become physically literate so that they understand and apply critical thinking concepts and principles of fitness and health. Students become their own personal trainers using the latest technology and learning tools to facilitate collaboration and demonstrate creative expression through mind and body. Students engage in a tactical variety of physical activities in diverse environments. They apply their learned skills to develop, track, and create personalized fitness and health plan.

Lowell High School believes that physical education is a vital component for the development of a student's physical, mental, academic, and social well-being.  It is the PE staff's mission to provide equal opportunity to all students concentrating on physical development in the areas of strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, balance, agility, and range of motion.  Lowell's diverse program will allow students the opportunity to develop individual skills and introduce new, enjoyable experiences for life-long physical fitness and well-being.  We will provide information for knowledge based learning in proper exercise techniques and practices, good nutritional habits, basic muscle anatomy, and elementary cardiovascular physiology.

Physical Education 1

  • Grade Level: 9
  • Prerequisites: None

Physical Education 2

  • Grade Level: 9
  • Prerequisites: Completion of Physical Education 1

Physical Education 1

  • Fitness
  • Weight Training
  • Badminton
  • Pickleball
  • Archery
  • Insanity / Steps

Physical Education 2

  • Physical Fitness Testing
  • Biking
  • Tennis
  • Kick Boxing/Combatives
  • Dance
  • Tumbling
  • Track and Field
  • Yoga

Sophomore Physical Education

Fit for Life 2 (first and second semesters of 10th grade)

Fit for Life 2 is the second course in a course sequence that develops literacy, critical thinking, oral communication, technological competency, and physical health to empower students to become health advocates for themselves and their communities. Students meditate for mental acuity and focus. They incorporate learned skills and activities into their lives to support physical and mental health.

Optional Physical Education classes for 10th graders


Racket Sports




Weight training

These can be taken for a full year or one semester.

BMI-VO2max calculator

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