Assessment Calendar for First Grade

Dates Assessments
Aug 21 - Oct 27 Initial ELPAC & Initial Alt ELPAC (Phase 1)
Oct 2 - Nov 3 Star Reading & Star Math (+ select Reading CBMs)
Oct 30 - Jun 4 Initial ELPAC & Initial Alt ELPAC (Phase 2)
Nov 13 - Nov 17 Family/Teacher Conference Week
Jan 29 - Feb 23 Star Reading & Star Math
Feb 1 - May 31 Summative ELPAC & Summative Alt ELPAC
Mar 4 - Mar 8 Family/Teacher Conference Week
Apr 22 - May 17 Start Reading & Star Math


Demonstration of Learning CORE Rubric Teaching Practices

Assess for Understanding of Content and Progress Toward Standards and/or IEP Goals

  • Select and design formative and summative assessments that yield usable data on students’ progress toward grade-level standards, objective(s), and/or IEP goals.
  • Check student understanding during and at the conclusion of lessons, aligned to lesson instructional and language objective(s)
  • Provide opportunities to apply learning to a real-world setting.

Respond to Student Misunderstanding

  • Provide meaningful oral and written feedback to students.
  • Provide corrective feedback to students judiciously and selectively.
  • Recognize the root of student errors and reteach or reframe content to address the underlying cause of student misunderstanding.

Adjust Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Students

  • Interpret the results of student work, including routine assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and standardized assessments.
  • Differentiate instruction as needed in response to student learning needs, including enrichment and extra support.
  • Adjust instruction during a lesson based on student data.
  • Adjust instruction between lessons/sequence of lessons based on student data.
  • Analyze instruction individually and collaboratively for the purposes of improvement.

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