First Grade - Equitable Access & Demand


collage of alphabet blocks, children drawing with chalk, children finger painting, and a child blowing bubbles

Learning occurs at the point of challenge. With each task or learning opportunity, support every student to find a way in (“access”) and be challenged (“demand”) to think or produce in new or expansive ways. This concept is also known as designing for a “low floor and a high ceiling”. Avoid over-scaffolding or simply asking students to memorize or receive information. Ultimately, we want each and every student to carry the cognitive load within the classroom.

Reflection Questions

  1. How can focusing on equitable access and demand develop academic ownership and honor students' experiences?
  2. What do access and demand currently look like in your practice? What is working well for students? How do you know? 
  3. What are the implications for your own practice? What will you do first?

This page was last updated on May 17, 2023