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Oct 2 - Nov 3 Star Reading & Star Math (+ select Reading CBMs)
Nov 13 - Nov 17 Family/Teacher Conference Week
Jan 29 - Feb 23 Star Reading & Star Math
Mar 4 - Mar 8 Family/Teacher Conference Week
Apr 22 - May 17 Start Reading & Star Math

Star Reading & Star Math

The Star Reading and Star Math assessments are computer-adaptive, research-based, valid and reliable assessments that measure student achievement in reading and math skills. As students take the assessment, the software increases or decreases the difficulty level based on students’ responses. The assessments are available in English or Spanish and are administered on a private and protected platform.

The Star Reading assessment is aligned to state and national standards and measures 3 broad domains of Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, and Language containing 48 subskills/concepts. 

Student looking at Star Assessments on a computer.

The Star Math assessment is aligned to state and national standards and measures 45 sub-skills/concepts within the following strands: Numbers and Operations Domains by Grade, Geometry, Algebra, Measurement and Data, Statistics and Probability, Functions, Number, and Quantity. 

For more information about the Star Reading and Star Math assessments, please visit SFUSD Star Assessments.

Standards Based Report Cards

parent, student and teacher with report card (drawing)

The First-Grade Report Card was developed in collaboration with SFUSD administrators, content offices, teachers, parents, and community members. The goal of this new and improved Report Card is to provide parents with a more comprehensible communication tool that conveys their child’s progress toward grade-level expectations.    


sbrc timeline


For guidance on completing the SFUSD Standards-Based Report Card and more, please visit First-Grade:SBRC or  SFUSD TK-5 Standards-Based Report Cards.

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