First - Physical Education


Physical Education 35-minute PE CLASS BREAKDOWN 
Active Do Now

2 mins: instant activity or warm-up

Introduction to Skill

3 - 5 mins: whiteboard, visuals, demonstrations, and cues

Skill Practice: Individual/Partner

10 - 15 min: learning opportunity, cue reinforcement, and feedback 

Main Activity

10 - 15 min: reinforcement of social and movement skills 


5-7 min: review cues and/or movement concepts

*components of a good lesson

Priority Standards

What students will know, what students will do, and what thinking skills students will develop to apply and transfer Physical Education understandings that endure within the discipline, leverage deeper understandings, and/or support readiness for success at the next grade level. 

In First Grade, focus on these critical areas:

Instruction: Signature Elements

Below are signature elements of SFUSD Physical Education instruction that students should experience regularly throughout First Grade as they develop personal physical literacy.


Below are items you should have to support your students' physical education instruction. If you are missing anything from the list, please first contact your site administrator or designated support. If they are unable to resolve the issue promptly, please contact Desirae Feria from the SFUSD Physical Education Team. 

Beginning of the Year Self-Checklist for K-5 Classroom Teachers 
The intent of this Self-Checklist is to uplift basic Physical Education building blocks that every K-5 teacher ought to know.


K- 5 SFUSD Physical Education Library of Books: Check out our selection of books that illustrate growth mindset, movement, anatomy, inspiring people, health and nutrition.  The images are linked to either a virtual read aloud or description details. 


  Unit Resources Description