First- First Day

First Day of School

First Day Goals

As the teacher

  • Build relationships by showing genuine interest and seeking connections with each child
  • Demonstrate, model, and reinforce routines and transitions 
  • Specify and reinforce student behavior 


So that each and every student 

  • Is introduced to the people of the classroom and school community
  • Starts to learn classmates’ names (and can pronounce each others' names correctly) and begins to connect with one another
  • Begins to familiarize with the classroom and school environment
  • Learns and practices a few key routines
  • Begins to learn expectations for how to play and learn independently and together  
  • Experiences a sense of excitement and competence about the learning ahead 


See core rubric teacher practices for more guidance

Reflection Questions

  1. Where can you provide opportunities for joyful learning through developmentally-appropriate play?  
  2. What expectations, routines, behaviors, and environment will you prioritize in order for all students to be responsible for the thinking in the classroom? 
  3. What does the culture of learning currently look like in your practice? Where are students engaged, where do they feel a sense of belonging? How do you know? 
  4. What are the implications for your own practice? What will you do first?

First Day Sample Plans

What does it look like?

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