First Grade - Spanish Language Arts

Priority Standards

What students will know, what students will do, and what thinking skills students will develop to apply and transfer Spanish Language Arts understandings that endure within the discipline, leverage deeper understandings, and/or support readiness for success at the next grade level.

In first grade focus on these critical areas:

Instruction: Signature Elements

Below are signature elements of SFUSD Spanish Language Arts instruction that students should experience regularly throughout first grade as they develop their Spanish reading, writing, speaking, & listening identities.


Below are items you should have to support your students' Spanish Language Arts instruction. If you are missing anything from the list, please first contact your site administrator or designated support. If they are unable to resolve the issue promptly, please contact  Covadonga Valera-Collazo and Griselda AmezcuaGarcia from the SFUSD Multilingual Pathways Department Elementary Spanish Team. 

Benchmark Taller de fonética  Digital and physical materials available  Visual Materials List Taller de fonética 

Benchmark Taller del lector - Digital and physical materials available. Visual Materials List Taller del lector

Benchmark Taller del escritor y estudio de gramática - Digital access only  Video: How to access taller del escritor lessons 

Benchmark decodable readers - Digital and physical materials available. K/1 Decodable Benchmark Books and Phonic Skills

Planning Guide












Spanish Language Arts

(Each phonics and reading unit is 3 weeks)

Launch: Estrenemos Phonics and Reading

Launch: Estrenemos Phonics and Reading


Unit 1: Las plantas y los animales crecen y cambian

Unit 1: Las plantas y los animales crecen y cambian


Unit 2: Muchos personajes diferentes

Unit 3: Un buen miembro de la comunidad

Unit 4: Toda historia tiene un narrador

Unit 5: La tecnología en el trabajo

Unit 6: Las historias nos ofrecen muchas enseñanzas


Unit 7: Pasado, presente y futuro

Unit 7: Pasado, presente y futuro


Unit 8: Observa el cielo

Unit 8: Observa el cielo


Unit 9: Hacemos uso de bienes y servicios

Unit 10: Explorar el sonido, la luz y el calor

Reflection Questions

  1. How are students' developmental needs, communities, and experiences being reflected and honored, or how could they be?
  2. What opportunities do you see for developing equitable access & demand, inquiry, collaboration, and assessment for learning?
  3. What are the implications for your own practice? What strengths can you build upon? What will you do first?

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