First - The First Six Weeks


Below you will find plans for the first six weeks of school. They are not lesson plans in the traditional sense. What you will find instead are goals for the first days and weeks of school, and examples of how you might move towards those goals with your students. Think of the plans as samples, not scripts. While the goals will be roughly the same from one classroom to the next, the way they are met will vary to reflect your resources, your context, your judgment, and, most importantly, your students.

Overarching Goals

Over the next six weeks design towards these goals:

Reflection Questions

  1. Where can you provide opportunities for joyful learning through developmentally-appropriate play?  
  2. What expectations, routines, behaviors, and environment will you prioritize in order for all students to be responsible for the thinking in the classroom? 
  3. What does the culture of learning currently look like in your practice? Where are students engaged, where do they feel a sense of belonging? How do you know? 
  4. Where can you find opportunities to learn more about your students as individuals?
  5. What are the implications for your own practice? What will you do first?

Want More?

As you design towards developing a culture of learning with your students, keep these culture of learning teacher practices from the TNTP core rubric in mind.

This page was last updated on May 15, 2023