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First-grade students in SFUSD engage in 20 Health lessons per year. Lessons are created from the HealthSmart curriculum and correspond to SFUSD monthly health themes.  Elementary health education strives to improve health outcomes for youth and their families by teaching the knowledge and skills necessary for life-long healthy choices. We view comprehensive health education as a rite of passage for all students.

Priority Standards

What students will know, what students will do, and what thinking skills students will develop to apply and transfer Health understandings that endure within the discipline, leverage deeper understandings, and/or support readiness for success at the next grade level. 

In First Grade focus on these critical areas:

Instruction: Signature Elements

Below are signature elements of SFUSD Health instruction that students should experience regularly throughout first grade as they develop health literacy.

Units & Planning Guide

Lessons are created from the HealthSmart curriculum and correspond to SFUSD monthly health themes. Harvest of the Month lessons correspond to the availability of the produce at local farmers’ markets. To meet the required 20 health lessons per year, we recommend at least three lessons from each health topic. Health lessons are not available in Spanish.

Unit Lessons

Personal and Community Health (AUG/SEPT) 


Harvest of the Month: CUCUMBERS (Spanish)

Substance Abuse Prevention (OCT)

Harvest of the Month: PERSIMMONS (Spanish)

Violence Prevention (NOV/DEC)

Harvest of the Month: PUMPKINS & SWEET POTATOES (Spanish)
Harvest of the Month: CABBAGE & BROCCOLI (Spanish)

Growing Bodies and Active Consent (JAN/FEB)


Harvest of the Month: GREENS (Spanish)
Harvest of the Month: MANDARINS (Spanish)

Nutrition & Physical Activity (MARCH)

Harvest of the Month: ROOT VEGGIES (Spanish)

LGBTQ and Advocacy (APRIL)

*All read aloud books can be found in SFUSD libraries

Harvest of the Month: PEAS & BEANS (Spanish)

Summer Safety and Environmental Health (MAY)


Harvest of the Month: STRAWBERRIES (Spanish)

**Lessons will continue to be added as they are developed
Unit Overview as Document for First-Grade Health

Reflection Questions

  1. How are students' developmental needs, communities, and experiences being reflected and honored, or how could they be?
  2. What opportunities do you see for developing equitable access & demand, inquiry, collaboration, and assessment for learning?
  3. What are the implications for your own practice? What strengths can you build upon? What will you do first?

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