First Grade- Third Week & Beyond

Third Week and Beyond

Third Week and Beyond Goals (in addition to first two weeks)

As the teacher (in addition to first two weeks teacher goals) 

  • By end of third week have completed beginning of year assessments 
  • By end of third week have reached out to school support team and families to have set up any initial SSTs and IEP meetings
  • Facilitates effective student collaboration in partners and small groups
  • Begin to design structures (ie learning stations, independent work time) to set up, model, and manage small group instruction effectively.

Each and every student

  • Is engaged in the learning of essential content throughout the day 
  • Gradually takes on responsibility for the thinking in the classroom 
  • Takes risks, reflects, and makes improvements 
  • Collaborates effectively

See core rubric teacher practices for more guidance

Reflection Questions

  1. Where can you provide opportunities for joyful learning through developmentally-appropriate play?  
  2. What expectations, routines, behaviors, and environment will you prioritize in order for all students to be responsible for the thinking in the classroom? 
  3. What does the culture of learning currently look like in your practice? Where are students engaged, where do they feel a sense of belonging? How do you know? 
  4. What are the implications for your own practice? What will you do first?

What does it look like?

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