Buena Vista Horace Mann Modernization

Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 Modernization

BVHM historical
Historical image of Horace Mann School obtained from the digital archives at the San Francisco Public Library.

Site Map

Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 (BVHM) is the Mission District's K-8 dual-language Spanish Immersion Community School that strives to develop strong bilingual and multicultural agents of change that can thrive academically, socially and artistically. Through academically rigorous instruction, technology, and the arts, educators develop students’ collaborative and critical thinking skills, preparing them for a dynamic world. Inspired by the core values of our community, and supported by an equity-focused and culturally relevant social-emotional curriculum, our children rise to our high expectations and bloom into healthy, competent, and confident learners. Finally, our visionary social justice lens allows students and their families to analyze our current social reality, empowering them to transform our community for the betterment of all.

BVHM Preliminary Project Schedule

BVHM Preliminary Project Schedule

Project Details

General Information

Architect:  Meek, Noll +Tam JV Architects

Construction Manager:  TBD

General Contractor:  TBD

Project Costs (Construction):  TBD

Project Description

This project is a modernization of an existing school campus.  The project team is currently engaging the school site, community, and District department stakeholders to collect information to assist in the development of the project scope. Check back periodically for updates.

Project Updates

The project is currently in the Project Assessment phase and the project team is meeting with stakeholders and reviewing the site to inform the development of the scope.  See the project schedule above and the FAQs below for more information about how the project is anticipated to progress.

Project Contact

For more information or questions about the SFUSD Bond Program's work at BVHM, please contact:

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