Schoolyard Improvements

2006 Bond Green Schoolyard Program

In 2006, voters authorized $5 Million in 2006 Bond Funds toward expanding outdoor learning opportunities on SFUSD schoolyards. Providing money for the green-schoolyards program is an important step forward for the city. The $5 million in this bond will create additional demonstration projects at 31 elementary schools in every neighborhood and build long-term public support for the concept.

In 2007, SFUSD partnered with the Mayor's Office, Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), and Department of the Environment (SFE) to create the SFUSD Department of Sustainability (DS), allowing district-wide coordinated oversight into all facilities improvements and practices. This oversight is connected to bond modernization at all sites, which includes the development of a green schoolyard on each and every campus.


Schoolyard Improvements Projects

Projects Completed

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