Marina Middle School

Marina Middle School

marina middle school
Front Entrance at Marina Middle School 

Site Map

Marina Middle School is a supportive, challenging and empowering learning community. Starting in 1936, the school continues to grow and flourish through each iteration. Our challenge and our strength is to maintain a sense of community at all times while we build capacity in our students, in each other and in our programs. We are dedicated to academic success through rigorous and thoughtful instruction, providing resources for teacher development and building on needs.

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Project Details

General Information

Architect: HED
General Contractor: Arntz Builders, Inc.
Construction Manager: Vanir Construction Management, Inc.
Bid Amount (Hard Cost): $18,965,101

Project Description

Modernization and maintenance of Marina Middle School including but not limited to:

  • Replacement of interior finishes, lighting, exterior doors, ceiling assemblies, roofing, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, data and signal systems, the existing sprinkler system in building B
  • Complete renovation of existing kitchen and serving spaces in building D
  • Removal of existing portable buildings serving Tule Elk EES site
  • Restoring parking and playground after the removal of portable buildings.


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