Hiring Documents

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Hiring Documents Include Providing Identification and Completing Forms

Hiring Paperwork for High School Internships

Are you ready to start your internship?  Your first step is to get hired.  Gather the following paperwork together before opening the SF Online Hiring Application.

If you will be under 18 by the start of your internship: 

  • Download a copy of your Work Permit and complete the required information.  Save it for future use. 
  • Download a copy of the Statement to Employ a Minor and complete the required information.  Obtain parent signature.

All candidate, regardless of age, should have the following documents from Group A or Group B. Take photos of these documents for future use.  Here is a link to pictures of acceptable documents.   If you have questions or concerns about any of these documents, see Group C. 

Group A (one of these documents needed)

  • Permanent Resident ID Card
  • US Passport 
  • Employment Authorization Document
  • Foreign Passport with Authorization to Work Stamp

OR from

Group B (both of these documents needed)

  • Social Security Card.  Sign this now!  If you do not have a social security card, please complete the following Application for a Replacement Card.  If you need assistance with this process, contact us at summerinternships@sfusd.edu.  OR US Birth Certificate 
  • AND Student ID.  If you do not have a student id, please see your school counselor and ask them to print your Student Profile off of Synergy.  This document should have your photo on it and is acceptable for hiring. 

Group C

If you would like an internship, but need extra assistance please email summerinternships@sfusd.edu or see your Early College counselor".

In addition to the above, you will also need: