Enroll in SFUSD Schools

How to Enroll

STEP 1: Receive your assignment offer letter.
Assignment offers are mailed to the applicant’s home address listed on their application.

STEP 2: Accept or reject your school assignment.

  • Here's how to register
  • Students who do not register on time will be dropped from their assigned school. Therefore, we highly recommend that you register for your assigned school even if you choose to apply for other schools in the subsequent placement periods.
  • See Key Dates for more information.

STEP 3: Connect with your school

  • Look out for communication from SFUSD and/or your new school on next steps
  • Be ready to provide additional forms and documents to complete registration by August 17 (emergency card, health records, etc.)

Please do not go to your school or the EPC to register. Families can respond to their offer online, via mail or by phone

Participate in Additional Rounds

Families who wish to get a different school than the one they are assigned may participate in subsequent placement periods. This allows families to list a new set of preferred school options that is processed through the student assignment process. Learn more about the different placement periods:

Medical or Family Hardship Appeal

The Medical and Family Hardship Appeals Committee is convened after each placement period and conducts a review of students who submit an appeal based on either medical or family hardship. If an appeal is approved, it is sent to the Educational Placement Center for assignment into a school that can meet the student’s needs and that has space available.

  • Appeals are granted on the basis of the documentation provided to the Appeals Committee, which is convened only for the purpose of conducting reviews at specific times in the enrollment cycle.
  • Appeals are considered only for cases where the students needs cannot be met at the assigned school.
  • Approved appeals are granted for ONE SCHOOL ONLY that can meet the student’s needs and cannot be used for placement into multiple schools.
  • Appeal forms can be obtained from the EPC or from the District’s website and returned at the appropriate deadline in order to be reviewed.

See appeals forms for more information.

Cancel Your Application

If you need to cancel your school assignment, please fill out this form.