Enroll for SFUSD Schools

Accepting your assignment

We encourage everyone to accept their assignment even if you would like to apply for a new school.
  1. Receive your assignment offer letter. All assignment offers are mailed to the applicant’s home address that they list on their application. If you do not receive your assignment letter by March 24, 2020, please visit the Educational Placement Center (EPC) starting on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Due to identity security, we cannot provide the assignment offer information over phone or email. You must visit the EPC in person and provide a photo ID and one proof of address to receive a copy of your assignment letter.
  2. Register at your assigned school. When your child receives the school assignment letter in the mail, you must bring the letter with you to register him/her at the assigned school by April 10, 2020. Students who do not register will be dropped from the assigned school. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you register for your assigned school even if you choose to apply for other schools in the subsequent placement periods.

What to bring when you register

If your child currently attends an SFUSD school, please bring:

  • Your school assignment letter,
  • A copy of your application (if available), and
  • A parent/guardian’s picture ID.

If your child does not currently attend an SFUSD school, please bring:

  • Your school assignment letter,
  • A copy of your application form (if available),
  • A parent/guardian’s picture ID, and
  • One proof of your child’s birth (birth certificate or hospital record).

Apply for a new school

Families who wish to get a higher choice school than the one they are assigned may participate in the May Placement Period. This allows families to list a new set of preferred school options that is processed through the student assignment process. The deadline for this application is April 10, 2020, with new assignment letters mailed May 15, 2020. Families who receive a new assignment are immediately dropped from their previously registered school. To apply for the May Placement Period, follow the instructions in your assignment letter to complete and submit an application.

Medical or hardship appeal

Students with a serious medical condition that cannot be accommodated at the assigned school can file a medical appeal. Medical appeals must be related only to a student’s medical condition and not those of parent or other family members. Problems that are common to large numbers of students—such as motion sickness or asthma—do not constitute a medical hardship. 

Learn more about submitting a medical or hardship appeal.

Withdraw your application

If you are withdrawing from SFUSD because you have moved, are entering private school, or other reasons, please notify the Educational Placement Center right away. Cancelling your school assignment allows other students who requested that school to receive it. Please email enrollinschool@sfusd.edu with your student’s name, ID number (if available), date of birth, and your request to withdraw.

Enrollment applications


You can download and print the application. Please complete all sections of the application. Incomplete applications cannot be processed as on time. Remember to sign the application to verify that the information provided is accurate. Applications should list the schools and programs where your child wants to enroll in order of preference. Students can request any SFUSD school within their grade level. There is no limit to the number of schools that students can request. If you have more than 15 school requests, please attach an Additional School Choices Form.