Enroll in SFUSD Schools

Changes to Enrollment Due to COVID-19

The Educational Placement Center (EPC) will be closed to the public until at least May 1st. School assignment offers for the 2020-21 school year will be mailed as planned on March 20th, and families can respond to their offer online or via mail. Please do not come to EPC to respond in person.

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For further assistance, please Contact Us.

How to enroll: Steps 1-2

  1. Receive your assignment offer letter.
    All assignment offers are mailed to the applicant’s home address that they list on their application. If you applied by the January 17 deadline, assignment offers for 2020-21 will be released on March 23, 2020. 
  2. Accept or reject your school assignment.
    You must register your child by the deadline listed in Key Dates. Students who do not register on time will be dropped from their assigned school. Therefore, we highly recommend that you register for your assigned school even if you choose to apply for other schools in the subsequent placement periods. Here's how to register.

Changing your school assignment

Families who wish to get a different school than the one they are assigned may participate in subsequent placement periods. This allows families to list a new set of preferred school options that is processed through the student assignment process. Learn more about the different placement periods:

March Placement Period

May Placement Period

Medical or hardship appeal

Students with a serious medical condition that cannot be accommodated at the assigned school can file a medical appeal. Medical appeals must be related only to a student’s medical condition and not those of parent or other family members. Problems that are common to large numbers of students—such as motion sickness or asthma—do not constitute a medical hardship. 

Learn more about Appeals here: Medical or Hardship Appeals Form

Withdraw your application

If you need to cancel your school assignment, please contact us.
Whether or not you have registered for your assigned school, if you are leaving SFUSD please email us at EnrollinSchool@sfusd.edu with your child’s name, Student ID number, and birthdate to let us know of your cancellation.