Accept or Decline School Assignment

Receive Your School Assignment

Received the week of March 22

All Main Round school assignments will be available in Family Portal (ParentVUE) and mailed to the applicant’s home address during the week of March 22, 2021. To view your letter in ParentVUE, please click on the Documents tab. Follow the steps on to learn more. 

Note that if you are in Online Forms, you have to click "ParentVUE" before you can get to the Documents tab. 

ParentVUE menu

If you do not receive your assignment letter within one week of March 22, please contact the Educational Placement Center (EPC).

The Documents tab is currently blank when using an iPad or iPhone and using Chrome and Firefox web browsers. You may download the ParentVUE app or use a non-mobile device. Visit for more information.

Accept or Decline Your School Assignment by April 9

When you receive your school assignment letter, you must accept or decline your assignment by April 9, 2021. Families who do not respond by the April 9 will not be enrolled for school next year. You can accept or decline online through the Family Portal (ParentVUE), or by submitting the paper response form that was included with your assignment letter. If you have questions, attend a Virtual Workshop.

  • Accept the assignment (even if you apply for Round 2)
  • Decline the assignment if you do not plan on attending a SFUSD school 

You can still decline your assignment after April 9 in ParentVUE (see steps below) or by emailing

All SFUSD families, new or current, are provided a ParentVUE account. If you do not have an account yet, please visit to get started. 





Online: Family Portal (ParentVUE)

  1. Go to and choose ParentVUE.
  2. Click “Online Forms” on the upper right-hand corner. ParentVUE Online Forms buttonIf you are  using the ParentVUE mobile app, click "Online Registration" then click "Open Online Registration"ParentVUE OLR OLR


  3. Select “2021-2022 Accept/Decline Assignment
    (after April 9, you can still Decline Assignment by selecting "2021-2022 Decline Assignment") 
  4. Click “Start New Application” Online App dropdown options
  5. Read the instructions and follow the prompts to Accept or Decline the school offer.

For tips on using the portal for Online Forms, please see

By Email, Mail, Text or Drop Off

If you cannot use ParentVUE, use the response form that was mailed with your assignment letter. For more help, please call your assigned school, or the Educational Placement Center at 415-241-6085.

Submit in one of the following ways:

Apply for Round 2 by May 7

If you prefer a different school assignment than the one you received, you can apply for Round 2. If you have questions about your options for a different assignment, please attend a Virtual Workshop.

The process for Round 2 is similar to the process for the Main Round. You list the schools you want in order of preference. Schools will then be assigned based on availability and any applicable tiebreakers. For more information, see Apply for the 2021-22 School Year.

Please note that there are typically fewer seats available at each school in Round 2. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all families planning to attend SFUSD in the fall accept the current school assignment in case you don’t get the school you want in Round 2. Not accepting your school assignment means that no space will be held for your child in the fall. Not accepting your Main Round assignment in no way advantages families in future rounds.

Be sure to submit your application by May 7, 2021. Apply now

Family Hardship and Medical Appeals due May 7

Types of Appeals: Family Hardship and Medical

The appeals process can be used by those who face special circumstances. There are two types of appeals:

  • Medical Appeal: Students with a serious medical condition that cannot be accommodated at the assigned school can file a medical appeal. Medical appeals must be related only to a student’s medical condition and not those of parent/guardian or other family members. Problems that are common to large numbers of students—such as motion sickness or asthma—do not constitute a medical hardship.
  • Family Hardship Appeal: Parents/guardians may file a Family Hardship Appeal if they can demonstrate that they have a unique hardship that cannot be met at the assigned school. Such hardships may be the result of a unique family situation. Extenuating circumstances can be considered only for family members living in the same house as the student.

Appeals Process

Appeals are considered only for cases where the student’s needs cannot be met at the assigned school. Approved appeals are granted for one school only that can meet the student’s needs and cannot be used for placement into multiple schools. Appeals forms are due on May 7, 2021, and must be submitted with a Round 2 application.

Submit an Appeal Form online to appeal your school assignment due to medical or family hardship. 

If you are unable to submit online, PDF forms are available below:
English | 中文  I Español

Please email PDF forms to

Decisions made by the Medical and Family Hardship Appeals Committee are final and cannot be further appealed. Approved Appeals provide a high-priority tie-breaker in the student assignment process. Placement is based on available openings and cannot be guaranteed.