A School for a Growing City

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Building a Future Schoolhouse for San Francisco

  • We have a rare opportunity to imagine the “Schoolhouse of the future,” bringing SFUSD Vision 2025 and the Graduate Profile to life

  • We seek to leverage neighborhood assets and potential industry partners

  • Three key functions are planned for the Mission Bay School Campus:
     (1) PreK to 5th Grade Elementary School; (2) Linked Learning Hub for high school students around the District; (3) Staff professional development space

Community Liaison Form Card for the Mission Bay School

Become a Community Liaison for the SFUSD Mission Bay School

We are collecting names of community members interested in participating in future engagement opportunities around the Mission Bay school site.

Future topics of focus:
  - Academic program design
  - Student assignment area or policy and middle school feeder
  - Preparing for school opening (for example, staff hiring, recruiting students and families)

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SFUSD Mission Bay School

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Read through previous Board presentations for updates and background

Presentation to Board of Education Committee of the Whole 12/4/18

Approved multi-use recommendations for Mission Bay school campus

Summary of Community Input on the Mission Bay School

Phase I Site Use Recommendations: TK to 5 Elementary School, Linked Learning Hub, Staff Professional development Space

Proposed Recommendations For the School Site

Community Briefing on the Mission Bay Neighborhood School Purposes.