A School for a Growing City

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]


Q:  What is the Mission Bay School?

A:  The Mission Bay School a new educational school building consisting of three uses:  A PreK-5 Elementary School, a Linked Learning Hub and a Professional Learning center.  For more information, see [Slides 31-36]


Q:  Where is the Mission Bay School located?

A:  The Mission Bay School will be built on the lot at the corner of Owens Street and Mission Bay Boulevard in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco [Slide 6]


Q:  When will the Mission Bay School be opened?

A:  The Mission Bay School is scheduled to be completed and open by August, 2025.


Q:  What is the site activity happening in March 2020?

A:  There is an ongoing soil investigation occurring at the site involving geotechnical and environmental sampling and analysis.  The District is conducting this soil investigation under the direction of the State of California.


Any additional questions can be emailed to: MissionBay@SFUSD.edu