Visitacion Valley Middle School

Visitacion Valley Middle School

Visitacion Valley Middle School
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The Visitacion Valley Middle School mission is to create, through transformative relationships, an inclusive and collaborative learning community that is relevant to the lives of our students, families, and staff. The Visitacion Valley Middle school vision is that our students will strength their passion for learning, develop the skills to become empowered community members, and gain the knowledge to be ready for high school with a clear path to college, career, and future success.

General Information

Project Details


LCA Architects

General Contractor: Taber Construction, Inc.
Construction Manager: Kitchell
Bid Amount (Hard Cost): $15,125,000
Change Order Amount: $1,797,089   (11.88% of bid amount)
Final Contract Amount: $16,922,089

Project Description

The scope of work for this project is generally described as follows:


  • Access parking at north side of building; access walkways from bus shelter to building main entrance
  • Repair all concrete stairs, provide contrasting strip and handrail extensionsRemove and repave displaced brick and paving at paved terrace
  • Replace all existing doors & frames with newRemove and replace sewer piping at all student toilet rooms
  • Assistive listening systems for assembly areasRelocate administration offices to west side of buildingSignage for entire building

Fire & Life Safety

  • Replace fire alarm systemProvide partial fire sprinklers system
  • Replace all existing exit signsProvide duct smoke detector in main building, locker rooms and gymnasium
  • Replace all fire smoke dampers

Voluntary Structural Upgrades

  • Reinforce north and south gymnasium building wallsReinforce shear transfer beams at second floorProvide columns or reinforce beams

Health & Safety

  • Replace all panelboards, transformers and switchboards
  • Replace all ceiling/lighting at all corridors and administration offices
  • Provide new lighting in all classroomsReplace existing phone system
  • Replace existing PA systems, clocks and bellsReplace existing alarm systemReplace camera security system

Asset Management

  • Remove and replace all existing exterior windows and window shades
  • Provide existing sheet linoleum flooring and rubber base for all classrooms, corridors, administration offices and cafeteria
  • Replace all ceilings on all corridors and administration office; Paint all interior & exterior surfaces
  • Remove and provide built-in lower and upper cabinets in all classrooms
  • Remove partitions inside existing classrooms to improve classroom sizesReplace existing hot water pre-heat coil; Replace existing ceiling diffusers

Site Renovation

  • Remove and relocate fence to terrace areaProvide trash enclosure fencing and gates

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