Core Instructional Priorities

Core Instructional Priorities of Deeper Learning in SFUSD

Inquiry Pedagogy

 Inquiry Pedagogy

Inquiry Pedagogy iconThe thinking and questioning of students is the focal point. Students build connections to prior learning and experiences, and are independent learners who make their thinking visible. 

Equity Frame

  • White supremacy culture is furthered by worship of the written word and objectivity - the belief that there is only one right way to do things (learn skills, content to digest, etc.) and that content can be objective.  
  • Culturally responsive teaching values and connects learning to students’ communities and everyday lives, and provides authentic opportunities to process understanding.


Project-Based Learning

Students approach learning through exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

Image from SFUSD PBL Webpage
PBL 101 - An introduction to project-based learning 

Check out PBL Works for one of the most comprehensive set of project-based learning resources available.  

Making Thinking Visible



Check out this video of sustained inquiry in action from the Teaching channel.


Students interact in meaningful ways through conversation, or participation in collaborative structures.  The educator serves as facilitator and a collectivist or communal approach is used. 

Equitable Access & Demand

Curricula is designed and instruction is delivered to ensure access for all and cognitive demand for “each and every” student, supporting independence, not dependence. 

Assessment for Learning

Students are provided with time, space and support to set goals, assess learning, track progress and present their growth.  Students are seen as co-designers of their assessment, owning and sharing their learning.