Preparing for Participation in Remote Testing for Spring 2021

Drawing of a student looking at SBAC information on a computer

Conditions for remote testing

Students and families can review information from the CDE related to Spring 2021 testing. English Learner students in grades TK-12 will also participate in the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC). 

Students will participate remotely from home in State assessments

Students will take the test from the safety of their homes. You child’s teacher or test examiner will connect with each child by computer. To make sure that each student receives the most accurate score, we are providing the guidelines below for student testing. Your school site will provide additional details related to the test and when the test will be administered. Specific instructions for logging into state testing are available under the documents tab on StudentVue and ParentVue.

Students with SFUSD Chromebooks or iPads

Students with SFUSD issued Chromebooks or iPads are ready to test. Verify dates and time with your child’s teacher.

Student using their own Windows or Mac device

Students using personal, non-SFUSD devices, should wait for futher information regarding installation and access to the secure browser. The test publisher is not recommending the installation of the browser on a personel computer. SFUSD is exploring alternatives and will provide more information as it becomes available.

When the secure browser is running, it is the only program allowed to be open during testing. The secure browser does not access any personal information on the computer and can be uninstalled once the student has completed testing. 

Requesting a device for testing

If your student does not have the appropriate device type for testing, you should request to borrow a Chromebook from SFUSD by completing the technology request form in ParentVUE and following up with your school.

Assisting your child with logging in

You may assist your child with setting up the technology used to enter the test session. Specific instructions for logging into state testing is available under the documents tab on StudentVue and ParentVue.

To keep the test fair for all students, we ask that you do not talk about the questions on the test or any materials for the test with anyone before, during, or after the test.

Use of Web camera and microphone

We need to know that the test is being completed by your child without any help. To verify compliance, a web camera and microphone will be used to observe your child while taking the test. The camera is only used to observe your child and the surroundings during the test and will not record the session.

Please follow all instructions given by the test administrator or examiner to place the camera where your child and the child’s immediate surroundings can be observed.

If your child cannot use the computer’s camera, microphone, and speaker or headphone during remote testing, you may want administer the test to your child—for example, in-person test administration—when it can be done safely following state, county, and local health and safety requirements. 

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher or principal for more information.

Information from the California Department of Education

For more information about testing, device type options and secure browsers please visit the Spring Administration Information for Parents/Guardians web page.