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College 102: College Admissions Panel Event

March 3, 2022:  Virtual event featuring college admission counselors from City College of San Francisco, UCLA, SF State University, and University of San Francisco.  

Watch the webinar recording using the following timestamps:

  • Introductions:  9:00
  • College System Introductions:  16:26
  • College Presentations:  19:25
  • Lowell Alumni Speakers:  1:23:10

City College of San Francisco for Lowell High School

Complete your application & orientation, assessment/placement, and a counseling appointment to get priority registration!

Parent's Night, March 15, 2022

Learn why CCSF is an excellent option for one's educational goals. Learn steps to register and transfer to a university and hear from Lowell alumni, current CCSF students in the process of transferring.

Application & Orientation Workshop, April 7, 2022

Where: Lowell College Center, room 116
When: Wednesday,  April 7, 2022, from  3 - 4pm & 4 - 5pm.

Get help completing Summer '22 and Fall '22 term new applications. Students who have attended CCSF are required to apply again. 
**Expect CCSF ID# withinin 48 hours (begins with "@" or "W").

Virtual help counter offered every Wednesday from 3pm-5pm via Zoom:


English/math placements are based on high school data entered on your application.  Higher placements may be given via SAT/ACT/AP scores

Counseling Appointments, April 21, 22 & 25, 2022

Where: Lowell College Center, room 116
When: April 21, 22, & 25, 2022

Meet with a CCSF counselor to discuss your schedule for summer or FALL. This step is required to register.   
Sign up at

  • Late sign-ups are accepted, but appointments are given only if there are spaces.
  • Application and orientation must be completed before your appointment.
  • Have unofficial copies (pdf) of SAT, ACT, and/or AP scores (may be needed).
  • Counseling will also be available during FRISCO Week: May 3 - May 6.