6th - 12th Grade: Math

  • Create a portfolio of the work you have done so far this year. 
    • Choose a problem from your classwork, homework, or quiz or test from a previous unit and re-do the problem to showcase the math and your thinking.
    • Show and explain each step clearly.
    • If possible, use multiple representations: table, graph, words, equation.
    • By the end of each week, you should have three problems written up that illustrate some of your learning from this year. 
  • Ask a family member or a friend for a number (or two or three or four numbers). Create three math problems that have that number as a solution.
  • Online
  • Search for a graph that represents something in the real world. Write a few sentences describing what the graph shows. Be sure to describe the variables (look at the axes). Here are some sentence frames you might choose to use:
    • “I notice…”
    • “I think this graph is saying that if___ then___ . I think this because I see___.”
    • “I wonder ___.”
    • “This graph makes me think about…”
    • Challenge: Pick two graphs and say how these two graphs are similar and different.
      • “These graphs both say___ because___.”
      • “The difference in these two graphs is ___.”
  • Find a graph that is modeling growth. Describe how the model helps us see how this data seems to grow. (Algebra 1, Algebra 2)
    • Use words and phrases like: linear growth, exponential growth, growing by adding, growing by multiplying, starting number
    • Repeat for a graph modeling decay!

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