Second Grade - Science

Pick one to two activities to do each week

  • Join an astronaut for a science read-aloud (Spanish)
  • Remove an ice cube from the freezer. Try to make it melt as quickly as possible. How did you do it? Can you make it melt even faster?
  • Love dinosaurs? Talk to a titanosaur: Link
  • Dinosaurio- parte 1 “Un gran trabajo para un gran dinosaurio”
  • Dinosaurio- parte 2 “Gran Familia”
  • Dinosaurio- parte 3 “Descubriendo a un gigante”
  • Dinosaurio- parte 4 “Creando un dinosaurio”
  • Make fake snow from stuff in your kitchen: Video Link   Video in Spanish
  • Watch this video about solids, liquids and gases. List the solids, liquids and gases you can find around you. (link) Available in Spanish as well
  • 5 Experimentos con agua (Spanish)
  • Interactive online game: Animals and Plants Can Live in a City! Link

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