Application and other forms

2020-2021 Enrollment Application

2020-2021 Enrollment Application (For next school year)

If you missed the deadline on Jan 17, 2020 and are applying for the FIRST time for the 2020-21 school year, you can still submit an application. There is only one general enrollment application form for grades TK-12. Students new to SFUSD must submit the application form, along with all necessary required documents, to the Educational Placement Center by April 10, 2020Letter notifications are sent out week of May 18, 2020 for the April 10th deadline.

Note: Lowell High School 9th grade applicants must submit BOTH the general SFUSD Enrollment Application AND the Lowell 9th Grade Application by December 13, 2019.  Submission date passed, we are no longer taking applications for Lowell. 

2019-2020 Enrollment Application

2019-2020 Enrollment Application (For current school year)

Update: Due to COVID-19, we are not enrolling students in schools for the current school year (2019-20)until further notice.

This application form is used for current year enrollment. Besides the completed application form, families new to SFUSD must provide a parent's photo ID, student's proof of birth (birth certificate or hospital record), and one proof of San Francisco home address. All required documents must be submitted in person at the Educational Placement Center. New families will work with a placement counselor to find out the schools with space availability.

Application Form for Pre-Kindergarten

Change of Address

To change your address you will need to submit required documents and the change of address form to the Educational Placement Center. A Parent/Guardian must provide a picture ID and one (1) proof of home address.

Interdistrict Transfer Students

This form is for residents of San Francisco who wish to attend school in another district.

Students living outside of San Francisco who want to attend a SFUSD school must apply for an interdistrict transfer permit from the school district where they live. If the student’s district of residence approves the permit, it will be forwarded to the SFUSD EPC for approval. Students must submit a SFUSD enrollment application with their out-of-district address, and the documents needed for SFUSD enrollment.

Change of School Roster Information

This form is for students who wish to use a preferred name/gender instead of legal name/gender on school roster.

Change of Name

This form is used to make a change to the students name. New name change must be on court document & or updated birth certificate.