RAVE Nominees 2011

RAVE Nominees 2011

Jessica Colvin, Wellness Coordinator - Galileo Academy of Science and Technology High School

“Jessica is an incredibly compassionate adult & mentor for our students and a supportive co-worker & supervisor for our staff. Jessica is a strong leader, a visionary, and at the same time pays incredible attention to detail.” - Nominated 11/2011

San Francisco Public Montessori Team Room 101 (Jimmie McGee, Sandra Yu)

“These two dedicated paraprofessionals have held their room together in the absence of a teacher so far this year. They have shown excellence in the ways of professionalism and child-centered thoughtfulness!” - Nominated 11/2011

Lauri Leber, 3rd Grade Teacher - Ulloa Elementary School

“Lauri is a compassionate teacher who does care about her students. Lauri has a wonderful sense of humor and makes all of laugh.” - Nominated 11/2011 by: Co-Worker

Linda Hills, Student Advisor - New Traditions Elementary School

“Ms. Hills is, and has been for many years, a caring and dedicated advocate for the students and families at New Traditions. She is loved by students, parents, teachers and staff members. She is the most fantastic family liaison!” - Nominated 11/2011

Jilma Ortiz, 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher - Alvarado Elementary School

“She has outstanding classroom management skills! She is constantly integrating new ideas and trends into her classroom and curriculum. When training her students to follow directions, she gives constant positive feedback.” - Nominated 11/2011

Marissa Miller, Pre-K SDC Teacher - Paul Revere Elementary School

“Marissa Miller is an advocate for students with disabilities rights to receive a education that is equal if not better than general ed students. She works diligently to find multiple community partners to provide educational experiences.” - Nominated 11/2011

Sheri Whitney, Band Teacher - A.P. Giannini Middle School

“Sheri creates a group where students not only have the advantage of growing personally and musically, but also a group that they can be proud of. She is deligent, hardworking and sets very clear expectations.” - Nominated 11/2011

Carol Wood, School Secretary - Cesar Chavez Elementary School

“Carol always has a positive outlook and organization skills are amazing. Carol has made it a point to communicate with the families of our children. She has such a strong commitment to our community and the environment.” - Nominated 11/2011

Albert Johnson, Security - A. P Giannini Middle School

“Albert provides consistant support and is creates opportunities for students to be part of the school. He is helpful to both adults and students.” - Nominated 11/2011

Erin Lynch, Administrator - Achievement Assessments Office

“She's genuine, caring, funny, hard working, good listener, good teacher, gets along with everyone, and is supportive and positive.” - Nominated 11/2011

Michael Eng, Personnel Analyst - Human Resources

Michael assisted me with hiring for an open position in my department. Throughout the entire process he showed tremendous customer service. He is friendly, helpful and thorough.” - Nominated 11/2011

HR - Substitute Office Team (Becky Lowe, Francena Cranshaw)

“This team is people focused. They spend all day on the phone fixing problems. They must deal with adults who are stressed, impatient and upset. They handle all calls graciously and solve problems continuously.” - Nominated 11/2011

Student Nutrition Services Team (Ed Wilkins, Noelia Oropeza)

“This team secured a donation of 3,000+ lunches, drinks and snacks for students and chaperones for SFUSD's 3rd Annual SF Promise College and Career EXPO. They not only saved the district more than $5,000, but had the donation delivered and supervised distribution of the meals!” - Nominated 10/2011

Benjamin Rombro, Grade Level Counselor - Aptos Middle School

“Mr. Rombro is one of the most liked, professional and fair employees at Aptos. He is known for nicknaming students, lightening the mood in complicated meetings, and pulling the positive theme from any conflict.“ - Nominated 10/2011

Megan Caluza, Special Education Teacher - El Dorado Elementary School

“Megan works tirelessly with her students and colleagues to support the full inclusion of students with special needs. She is a valuable resource for staff, given her incredible knowledge of techniques, strategies, and special education law.” - Nominated 10/2011

Verlyn Papillon, ADA - Human Resources

“He has worked tirelessly to assist me with some ADA accommodations. He was extraordinarily professional in the face of conflict. He was able to juggle multiple concerns and arrive at a reasonable conclusion.” - Nominated 08/2011

Tina Bell, Scheduler - Transportation

“In spring 2011, Tina Bell assisted in finding a missing special education student. Tina was very helpful and had wonderful follow-through to assure that the missing student was found. “- Nominated 08/2011

Robert Sautter, Kindergarten Teacher - Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School

“Robert loves his students and is dedicated to making sure all our children receive an equitable education. Once a month he goes to Treasure Island to tutor children and rallies other teachers to go with him.” - Nominated 08/2011

Saldana Ignacio, Teacher - Independence High School

“Mr. Saldana was a colleague of mine for six years. In all these years of working with him, I was most impressed by silent and steadfast presence he provided his students. He truely, in my mind, is an example of a true educator.” - Nominated 08/2011

Elizabeth Turner, Staffign - Human Resources

“Ms. Turner is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and efficient. She always follows through on her work, and supports schools in countless ways with all staffing needs.” - Nominated 08/2011

Monroe Elementary School Team (Jennifer Steiner, Tania May)

“This team exhibits excellence in team work and communication, knowledge of students needs, cooperativeness with families and showcases cross-discipline professionalism.” - Nominated 06/2011

Larry Burnett & Staff Building and Grounds - Facilities

“Larry Burnett & Staff from Buildings and Grounds deserve praise for the exemplary work they did in making signs for the newly named Leola M. Havard Early Education School. Their professionalism, tenacity helped to meet our deadline of May 19th for the Renaming & Dedication Ceremony.” - Nominated 05/2011

Vanessa Hutchinson-Szekely, BTSA Coach - Academic & Professional Development

“Vanessa has been the ONLY person I have ever met from APD that has consistently and conscientiously provided support to our school site for two years, starting with her being assigned as our "primary contact" in 2009.” - Nominated 05/2011

Library Services Team (Rachelle Resnick, Michelle Powers, Ellen Woo)

“They are incredibly supportive and helpful. They provide assistance, professional development opportunities, and hands-on help to all of the Teacher Librarians in the district.” - Nominated 05/2011

Marlene Ligsay, Assistant Principal - Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School

“Marlene is an extremely dedicated SFUSD employee who values the individual student as well as the collective school body at Burton.” - Nominated 05/2011

Jennifer Tom, 1st Grade Teacher - Jefferson Elementary School

“Ms. Tom has high expectations for ALL her students and guides them along to meet them. Ms. Tom has great classroom management skills and provides an engaging curriculum.” - Nominated 05/2011

Lakeshore Elementary Team (Alvina Chan and Student Teacher Corrina Hui)

“This year they have worked together to create a special learning environment for their class. The cheerful rapport between the two of them is infectious.” - Nominated 05/2011

Aimee Yu, Kindergarten Teacher - CIS at De Avila Elementary School

“She goes above and beyond to ensure her students learn in a meaningful way. The positive qualities she demonstrates daily are: commitment to excellence, being upbeat, funny and innovative at attaining teachable moments for all her students.” - Nominated 05/2011

Bob Hessler, Traffic Control - Clarendon Elementary School

“Bob is always kind, patient, and completely in control. He handles all the kids/parents/cars with timely cohesion and order. Not to mention, he always has a smile and keeps everything running smoothly.” - Nominated 04/2011

Paula Niland, Librarian - Miraloma Elementary School

“Ms. Niland's commitment to our children is awe inspiring. She always has a smile for everyone and always brings a sense of excitement about reading to our students.” - Nominated 04/2011 by: SFUSD Parent

Laticia Erving, Parent Liaison - John Muir Elementary School

“Ms. Erving is a tremendous advocate for parents in the district. She works tirelessly to engage and build capacity among our families.“ - Nominated 03/2011

Megan Mackey, 4th/5th Grade Teacher - Jean Parker Elementary School

“Megan has taken on her role as an educator with great gusto. She works endless hours to prepare lessons, assess students, support her students in their learning” - Nominated 03/2011

Linda Sawamoto, Teacher - Achievement Assessments Office

“She's a hard working, friendly, dedicated and never tiring person. She does everything with heart and to the fullest. She leaves no stone unturned.” - Nominated 03/2011

Bridget Early, LSP - Everett Middle School

“Bridget works tirelessly to connect with students and families. She goes above and beyond everyday. Bridget has created practical programs that meet student need on multiple levels.” - Nominated 03/2011

James Samuel, Child Development Teacher - Presidio Child Development

“Jamie works to meet the individual needs of all the children and works to connect social/ emotional and academics within the daily experiences. Jamie plays a major role in creating a strong classroom culture. He supports the children to create positive social interactions as well as ownership of the classroom” - Nominated 03/2011

Archie Fokin, Director - Educational Placement Center

“Archie is a very hard working director, sets good examples and is firm when making decisions. He is a exemplary person, always taking care of his employees and providing a safe and nurturing environment.” - Nominated 03/2011

Winsome So, Kindergarten teacher - West Portal Elementary School

“Ms. So works tirelessly to make sure all children reach their maximum potential in the Chinese Immersion Program. The non-Chinese students are doing very well and on their way to Cantonese fluency thanks to Ms. So!” - Nominated 03/2011

Jerold Robinson, Security Guard - Dr. Charles R. Drew College Preparatory Academy

“Mr. Robinson goes above and beyond his duty as a Security Guard. At recess, he plays basketball with the scholars, he counsels youngsters who need breaks, is a listening ear for parents and can be found in every classroom working with students who need extra support.” - Nominated 03/2011

Audrey Soule, Math Teacher - Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

“Ms. Soule is a great math teacher, who works so hard for her students. She has inspired me. She makes math fun! She wrote math songs to the melodies of other music to help us learn…”- Nominated 03/2011

David Reiss, 1st Grade Teacher - Claire Lilienthal Elementary School

“David Reiss teaches to the class as well as to the students as individuals. He communicated effectively and has created a structured and transparent environment around discipline in the classroom.” - Nominated 03/2011

Jefferson Elementary Inclusion Support Team (Gloria Flores, Karen Walton, Franci Lee, Melissa Barrett, Helen Chow, Peggy Ling, Kathy Louie, Helen Lee, Athene Woo, Rebecca Lo, and Annie Yeung)

“Always striving to learn more about the students they support, this team takes the extra time to access resources and organizations that support our students.” - Nominated 03/2011


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