RAVE Nominees 2010

RAVE Nominees 2010

Madelyne Van Meerbeek/King, Substitute Teacher

"She stays with students who are having difficulty (esp. Math) until they completely understand and can do the work with ease! She is reliable and steadfast." Read more

Albert Johnson, Security Aide

"Mr. Johnson has created a safe, secure, and caring environment for our students here at A.P.G. He greets all students with a smile and hello, usually knows each name every day, rain or shine. When a problem occurs, he is on it, making the situation safe for all involved." Read more

Staff, John Yehall Chin Elementary School

"The staff at John Yehall Chin work cohesively with one another to solve issues when they arise." Read more

Staff, Payroll Operations Department

"Payroll Operations is a department that always gives more than 100% even in a fire." Read more

Brian Garcia, Data Analyst, State and Federally Funded Programs

"There are many folks trying to fill the budget gap by cuts or grants, but Brian is an example of an employee who is making the recycling of functional resources a solution for our neediest schools." Read more

Room 5 Team, Charles Drew College Prep. Academy

"They welcome each student every morning with a smile, and they make each student feel welcome." Read more

Yolanda Nickelson, School Nurse, Student Support Services

"We have families in transition at our school and Yolanda goes the extra mile to help." Read more

Spanish Immersion Team, Daniel Webster Elementary School

"The staff at Daniel Webster has shown great patience and commitment to the parents and students that are a part of the school community." Read more

International Studies Academy School Community, International Studies Academy

"Watching how the staff has handled some difficult situations has made it clear to me that this school is about the students, about supporting them in making good choices in their school and in their lives." Read more

Special Education Team, Francis Scott Key Elementary School

"The most positive thing about this team is that they stay enthusiastic about their job and treat each student and family with dignity and respect." Read more

Teach for America Interns, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

"They are always willing to take on new challenges and provide leadership despite the fact that this is their first year of teaching." Read more

Bonnie Kong, Secretary, Hoover Middle School

"She truly keeps our school engine running every day from 7am-5pm, and goes above and beyond to make school a safe and supportive learning environment for students and families." Read more

Carley Amigone, Learning Support Professional, Bessie Carmichael K-8

"Through various support groups, meetings, one-on-one time, and mentoring activities she has demonstrated to students that she is there for them and cares greatly." Read more

Maria Alberigi, Secretary, Newcomer High School

"This woman enjoys helping others and giving guidance. You can tell she enjoys the school and her job." Read more

Jennifer Man, Teacher, Spring Valley Elementary School

"She plans her lessons while keeping in mind each student's individual learning style." Read more

Sue Moock, Executive Secretary, Finance Office

Sue is always willing to help every department by going the extra mile. Read more

Christopher Rosenberg, Principal, Starr King Elementary School

He has attended funerals, weddings, graduations, hospital visits and written grants for a wellness program to ameliorate the misfortunes/needs some of our families face. Read more

Christine Spagnuolo, Secretary, Willie Brown Jr. Academy

She's self-sufficient and extremely efficient. Read more

Becky Lee, Custodian, Willie Brown Jr. Academy

She interacts with the kids every day and keeps everyone smiling. Read more

Mark Erikksson, Teacher, Mission High School

He is an outstanding example of professionalism mixed with genuine concern for educating special needs students and is proactive about addressing needs and communicating with parents. Read more

Paula Baum, School District Nurse, Student Support Services

She will go to any length to identify and secure services for children in need. Read more

Sarah Pooner, Teacher, Aptos Middle School

Young, right out of college, and under control; Sarah is the brightest, young-star teacher I have ever met. Read more

Alana Ramirez, Assistant Manager, Educational Placement Center

Alana is a very hard working person, always doing her best to provide services to our customers at EPC, as well as the staff. Read more

Larry Alegre, Principal, Buena Vista Alternative

Mr. Alegre celebrates and encourages multiculturalism by acknowledging diversity in his community and giving parents, students and teachers ample opportunity to create and participate in events that reflect the mosaic of cultures in his community. Read more

Sarah Tiu, Administrative Assistant, Child Development Program

Regardless of the task presented to her, our entire unit knows that the task will be done expertly, flawlessly, and promptly. Read more

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