Head of Research, Planning and Assessment

Dr. Ritu Khanna, Ph.D.

Dr. Ritu Khanna, Ph.D.

Ritu Khanna has served in the San Francisco Unified School District for twenty-nine years. She is currently the Head of the Department of Research, Planning and Assessment. The department is responsible for implementing a comprehensive accountability system in the San Francisco District and County. The primary objective is to provide data, interpret data, and support data-driven decision making by school administrators and teachers for the improvement of teaching and learning throughout the district.

Ritu received her doctorate degree in education with a specialization in statistics and measurement. She has published and presented papers at local, state and national conferences and participated in many research practice partnerships during her career at SFUSD. Most of her presentations were in the area of school accountability and administrators understanding data. Dr. Khanna has also earned awards in the area of research and education during her career and has been a member of honor societies and national/international educational organizations.

Email khannar@sfusd.edu.

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