3.6.8 Form: Language Program Request Form

3.6.8 Language Program Request Form

Language acquisition programs are educational programs designed for English Learners (ELs) to ensure English acquisition as rapidly and effectively as possible, and to provide instruction to these students on the state-adopted academic content and English Language Development (ELD) standards through Integrated and Designated ELD.  Parents/guardians receive notice of language program options in the SFUSD Enrollment Guide and EL Program guide, which are shared with new families and electronically sent to returning families each year.

If the school your student is enrolled in does not offer a particular language program, you may submit a request by completing the Language Program Request Form: 

When at least 30 students enrolled in the school, or at least 20 students in the same grade level, request the same or a substantially similar type of language program, then the Superintendent or designee will determine whether it is possible to implement and sustain the requested program. For more information on this state requirement, see California Education for a Global Economy (Ed.G.E.) Initiative.


See the full Handbook and downloadable, translated PDFs at sfusd.edu/Handbook.

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