3.9.6 Nurses and Health Programs at Schools

School District Nurses and Nurse of the Day

School District Nurses attend to individual student health as well as school-wide health issues. They are able to recognize and respond to a wide range of health and behavioral concerns that may affect a child’s academic achievement and attendance, as well as concerns that can have school-wide impacts, like infectious disease.

Core supports provided by School District Nurses include:

  • Identification and care management of students with physical health needs
  • Compliance with health requirements for school entry
  • Health education, promotion and counseling
  • Complex first aid
  • Infectious disease control
  • Health-related staff training
  • Crisis response

SFUSD schools without an on-site School District Nurse have access to a Central Nurse Coordinator who can assist with hearing and vision screening, care planning and staff training. 

Some SFUSD schools have an on-site School District Nurse, two to five days per week, to provide students and families with direct services and linkages to community health services and programs.

All schools have access to the Nurse of the Day, a School District Nurse who is available through the Student, Family and School Resource Link to address school and student health-related questions and concerns. If a Nurse of the Day is not immediately available, messages can be left and will be returned by the next school day. This line is NOT for emergencies and if there is an emergency on a school site, EMS should be contacted. Students, staff and families can contact the Resource Link for assistance at sflink@sfusd.edu or (415) 340-1716 (M-F, 9am-3:00pm; closed 12-1pm for lunch).  More information and resources are available at the Resource Link website.

Wellness Programs

High School Wellness Programs provide behavioral health and health services to students in a safe and confidential setting. Each Wellness Program is staffed with a team of providers, including a behavioral health counselor, School Social Worker, School District Nurse (SDN), and a Community Health Outreach Worker (CHOW) at most sites. All services are free and confidential.

There are Wellness Programs in some K-8 and Middle Schools that provide health and wellness services to students. The Wellness team consists of a Wellness Coordinator, School District Nurse and Community Health Outreach Worker.  Mental health counseling is provided by our central clinical team. Reach out to your School Site’s Wellness Program to see what services they offer for your students' individual needs.

For more information, visit www.sfusd.edu/services/health-wellness.


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