5.1.1 Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

The San Francisco Unified School District is committed to creating safe and caring school communities where all students and families feel welcomed, valued and respected.  We strive to provide all students with fair and clear academic and behavioral expectations as well as the support needed to achieve success.   

SFUSD asks that all students commit to the following Guiding Principles:

  • 1. Respect
    • I treat others the way I want to be treated
    • I respect laws, rules and school authority
    • I treat people fairly and respect their rights
    • I respect private and public property
  • 2. Responsibility
    • I take responsibility for my actions
    • I am responsible for how I respond to others
    • I return what I borrow in a timely manner
  • 3. Appreciation of Differences
    • I look for the good in others
    • I respect each person’s right to be different
    • I see cultural diversity as an opportunity to learn
  • 4. Honesty
    • I am honest with others and myself
    • I act with integrity
    • I avoid spreading rumors or gossip
  • 5. Safety
    • I engage in safe activities
    • I keep my body and mind healthy
    • I choose things that help me become my “best self”
  • 6. Life-Long Learning
    • I come to school prepared to learn
    • I give my best in everything I do
    • I am open to new skills & positive solutions

When we live by the Guiding Principles, we:

And we DO NOT accept:

  • Treat others with respect

  • Find peaceful solutions

  • Listen to each other

  • Are drug free

  • Keep our school clean

  • Have healthy friendships

  • Produce our own work

  • Maintain honesty and integrity

  • Show empathy and compassion

  • Defend others’ rights

  • Appreciate differences

  • Respect the property others

  • Engage in safe activities

  • Bullying and intimidation

  • Weapons

  • Fights, threats, and violence

  • Drug possession and sale

  • Graffiti and vandalism

  • Gang activity

  • Cheating and plagiarism

  • Forgery and Falsification

  • Sexual harassment and assault

  • Blackmail and extortion

  • Prejudice and hate crimes

  • Robbery and stealing

  • Fireworks and firecrackers


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