4.2.5 Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Student grades are determined by the teacher of the course.  Student grades are final unless there is a finding of clerical or mechanical mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency.  To challenge a student’s grade, the parent/guardian must submit a written request to the Assistant Superintendent for the school.  This request will be determined within 30 days of its receipt.  If the grade is not changed, the parent/guardian may submit an appeal to the Board of Education within 30 days of the refusal to change the grade.  (CA Education Code 49066, 49070)

What to do in the case of an error:

In cases where the student or parent believes that a technical error has been made in a semester grade that was issued, the student/parent should see the student’s counselor to ask that a “Edit Transcript Form” be initiated.  The form must be signed by the counselor, teacher, and principal before any grade may be changed.  


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