6.3.3 Prohibited Suspensions

Prohibited Suspensions

1. Disruption or Willful Defiance

No student shall receive a suspension or recommendation for expulsion or be expelled solely on the basis of disruption or willful defiance under CA Education Code 48900(k).  (Safe & Supportive Schools Resolution)

2. Truancy, Tardiness or Absence

Suspension and expulsion may not be imposed for truancy, tardiness, or absence.  Alternatives to suspension or expulsion shall be used with students who are truant, tardy, or otherwise absent from assigned school activities. (CA Education Code 48900(w))

3. Dress Code/Uniform

Suspension or expulsion shall not be used as a punishment for the violation of a dress code, head covering policy or uniform policy.

4. Undocumented Suspensions

All undocumented suspensions are prohibited and unlawful.  Students shall not be removed from one or more class periods or sent home before the end of the school day for disciplinary purposes without complying with the required due process documentation outlined below.

This page was last updated on November 4, 2020