3.8.8 Interdistrict Permit Requests

Interdistrict Permit Requests

CA Education Code 46600 et seq., SFUSD Board Policy 5117

A parent/guardian who is a resident of San Francisco and wishes for their child to attend a public school outside of San Francisco must submit an interdistrict permit to the Educational Placement Center (EPC). The parent/guardian should bring a current verification of the San Francisco home address. Permits are processed and approved or disapproved on a weekly basis and forwarded to the requested district. Final approval is made by the requested district.

If a student wishes to attend a San Francisco public school and the parent/guardian does not live in San Francisco, the parent/guardian must obtain an interdistrict permit from the current public school district of residence. The interdistrict permit is required for anyone living outside of San Francisco who wishes to attend or continue attending a San Francisco public school.   In accordance with any valid and current interdistrict transfer agreement between SFUSD and the district of residence, the interdistrict permit is an annual permit and must be on file for each school year. Interdistrict transfer request students cannot be guaranteed enrollment in SFUSD.

Interdistrict attendance permits may be approved for any of the following reasons:

  • To meet the child care needs of the student.
  • The parent/guardian is employed within the city of San Francisco.
  • When the student has a sibling attending school in the receiving district, to avoid splitting the family’s attendance.
  • To allow the student to complete a school year when their parents/guardians have moved out of the district during the year.
  • When there is a valid interest in a particular educational program not offered in the district of residence.
  • A student who has been determined by personnel of either the district of residence or the district of proposed enrollment to have been the victim of an act of bullying, as defined in subdivision (r) of CA Education Code 48900, committed by a student of the district of residence shall, at the request of the person having legal custody of the student, be given priority for interdistrict attendance under any existing interdistrict attendance agreement or, in the absence of an agreement, be given additional consideration for the creation of an interdistrict attendance agreement.

SF Residents Have First Priority

EPC reviews requests five weeks before the start of the new school year (not earlier). First EPC needs to make school placement offers to students from the city of San Francisco. EPC recommends that students who do not reside in San Francisco enroll in their district of residence in the event that SFUSD is unable to assign the child to a requested school.

EPC can grant interdistrict transfers only on a space-available basis, and EPC reserves the right to determine whether or not to accept interdistrict transfer requests. EPC also reserves the right to limit the number of incoming students and establish priorities according to types of requests.

Also, EPC cannot grant interdistrict transfers to high demand schools, i.e., schools that are filled to capacity at the end of the first placement period or programs that are impacted.

Application Process

To apply for an interdistrict permit to attend SFUSD, the parent/guardian must first apply in their own district of residence. Each school district has individual timelines and requirements for interdistrict applications. If and when the permit is approved by the district of residence, it will be forwarded to the EPC for approval. EPC will notify the parent/guardian by mail if any additional documentation, such as employment verification, is needed.

An SFUSD enrollment application, reflecting the out-of-district address, must also be submitted along with all other required documents for enrollment.

Interdistrict transfer students will not be assigned through the regular student assignment process, but will be held until mid-summer when interdistrict placement begins.

Students with Disabilities

Permits for students receiving special education services must be approved by the Superintendent or their designee (the Chief of Special Education) prior to placement.

Per Board Policy, the parent/guardian must renew an interdistrict permit each school year. 

Approval and Revocation Criteria

The approval of the interdistrict permit is contingent on factors such as a student maintaining satisfactory standards of academic progress, behavior, and/or attendance. Based on the agreement criteria, principals annually recommend approval and/or denial of interdistrict permits. Interdistrict permits are subject to revocation for falsification of information provided on the permit application, failure to maintain satisfactory standards of academic progress, behavior, and/or attendance; or violation of any other terms specified in the agreement with the district and/or SELPA.

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