5.1.2 Aims of Guiding Principles

Aims of Guiding Principles

  • To promote the physical, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing of students
  • To teach children self-discipline and an understanding of the consequences of their behavior
  • To provide children with an understanding of the limits of acceptable behavior, the reasons for these limits, and consistency in the management of their behavior
  • To provide good role models for acceptable behavior
  • To educate students towards self-directed, cooperative and respectful behavior
  • To promote, nurture and protect healthy relationships among members of the community
  • To enable students to be accountable for the real consequences of their actions
  • To encourage respect, healing and restoration both for those who are harmed, and for those who cause harm
  • To enable students to build personal responsibility by developing skills of reflection and empathy with others
  • To guide teachers in their responses to student behavior
  • To inform students and parents about expectations of student behavior.


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