4.2.9 Independent Study

Independent Study

(SFUSD Board Policy 6102.6)

The Board of Education authorizes Independent Study as an optional alternative instructional strategy by which students may reach curriculum objectives and fulfill graduation requirements.  Three types of Independent study are offered within SFUSD: 

Short-term Independent Study may be undertaken at the student’s regular K-12 school site under the supervision of the regularly assigned teachers when the student’s particular circumstances require him/her to participate in independent study for a period of up to 14 school days. Circumstances that may warrant participation in short term independent study include:

  • (1) a temporary disability or illness that prevents the student from attending school; 
  • (2) a death in the family or other family emergency that requires the student to travel. Independent study is not intended for vacation travel. 
  • (3) students who are required by health order to isolate or quarantine, or who wish to engage in a short term preventative quarantine from school based on concerns that in person instruction will put their health at risk due to a current surge in COVID cases, as determined by the parent/guardian.
  • (4) Emergency Independent study for impacted students, to be offered within 10 days of a school closure due to fire, flood, impassable roads, epidemic, earthquake, imminent safety hazard as determined by local law enforcement, transportation strike, or emergency created by war/extraordinary circumstances order. (EC 46393, 41422). 

Physical Education Independent Study is available for students enrolled in (1) JROTC programs; (2) career pathway that requires a course sequence of 3 or more years; (3) alternative school of choice; or (4) continuation or county schools program. (SFUSD Board Policy 6142.7)  The parent and school staff shall sign a current written agreement prior to the student’s participation in Independent Study. 

Independence High School is for high school aged students who have earned a minimum of 60 credits. Please see  chapter 3.8.10 for additional information.


See the full Handbook and downloadable, translated PDFs at sfusd.edu/Handbook.

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